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Full form of LOL, What does LOL stand for ?


LOL Full Form

The Full form of LOL is Laughing Out Loud. LOL is a very common and popular slang used in chatting on internet. LOL is used when someone find something very funny or extremely amusing. It is generally used in social networking site. There are some other alternative of this slang like ROFL, LMAO etc. used according to the intensity of the laughter. The list of these acronyms is growing day by day as the new abbreviations are added. There are also some smiley’s used to response the funny situations over the internet. Nowadays, it is overused to the point where nobody laughs out loud when they say it. In fact, they probably don’t even care about what you wrote. More accurately, the acronym “lol” should be redefined as “Lack of laughter”. Its definition may vary though, depending on the conversion and your relationship with the person with whom you are having the chat “convo”.

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