CCTV Full Form



The Full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television. CCTV is a system where all the elements like video camera, display monitors and recording devices are directly connected. It is used to monitor a sensitive area which needs continuous observation and where there is no one to watch all the time. It is very helpful to prevent theft and crime because it monitors all the activities and record them. It is also used for traffic monitoring by detecting congestion and notice accidents. The basic components of CCTV includes; Security Cameras (Analog or Digital), Cables (RJ45 or RJ59 Cables), Video Recorders (DVR or NVR), Storage Unit (usually a Hard Disk) and Display Unit (optional, usually a monitor). The places where CCTV’s are generally installed are; banks, shops and multiplexes, casinos, city roads and highways, building and residential apartments, corporate houses, govt offices and buildings, airports and railway buildings, industrial plants etc. The benefits of CCTV are; CCTV systems are great deterrent to thieves as once he realizes that he is under surveillance of CCTV, he will prefer to go somewhere else, it reduces the fear of crime, facilitates remote monitoring, increases the business efficiency and improves profitability, can be used as a best option for home security, increases the risks for shop lifters, CCTV footage provides valuable assistance to the police in investigating crimes.