The Full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files on a computer network between a client and server. It is one of the functions of Application layer and built on client-server architecture. Server transmits the file content, while the client controls the conversation. Through FTP (File Transfer Protocol), a client can delete, download, remove, or upload files on a server. FTP works in the same way as SMTP and HTTP.

By signing in, the users provide authentication. Although, there are some servers that work as Anonymous, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) means they provide their data without log in. When a client transfers a computer file to the server then it is called “Uploading” and when server transfers a file to the client then it is called “Downloading“. Thus, FTP client is software that is designed to download and upload computer files from a server over the internet. Some FTP clients are: FileZila, Fire FTP, and Dreamweaver.

The FileZila is a popular FTP client that is freely available for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux users. The Fire FTP is a plug-in for the popular web browser Firefox. It can be used as a standalone FTP program and the Dreamweaver is a design program that has FTP access and can be purchased from Adobe.