Few Relation In Earth Never Die



There is no Full form of FRIEND is Few Relation In Earth Never Die, but we can define a FRIEND who is someone other than your family member or lover that you can share a close affection with. You share compassion, kindness, empathy, sympathy, common beliefs and interests, loyalty, and fun with them. A FRIEND can be in person or online. Good FRIENDS always remains loyal to you and accept you for who you are during your good and bad times.

Good FRIENDS are also honest enough to tell you when you’re not being a loyal and good friend yourself. According to Aristotle, there are 3 different types of friendships: those based on utility, those based on delight or pleasure, and those grounded in virtue. In the first type of friendship that is based on utility, people associate with each other for their mutual usefulness. These relationships are the most common. In the second type, people associate with each other for the sake of sensual pleasure.

In contrast to the self-centered relationships described, the third type completes the purpose or intended design of Friendship. Its participants share a moral set of values and principles of an irreducibly moral nature. These types of relationships are not bound by pleasure or maintenance of utility but share a sustainable friendship over a lifetime.