What is the Full Form of EDGE? EDGE Full Form in Network


EDGE Full Form – Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution also known as Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS), IMT Single Carrier (IMT-SC), or Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) is a digital mobile phone technology that allows improved data transmission rates as a backward-compatible extension of GSM. EDGE is a superset to GPRS and can function on any network with GPRS deployed on it, provided the carrier implements the necessary upgrade. 
EDGE requires no hardware or software changes to be made in GSM core networks. EDGE was deployed on GSM networks beginning in 2003 – initially by Cingular (now AT&T) in the United States. EDGE is considered a pre-3G radio technology and is part of ITU’s 3G definition. EDGE is standardized also by 3GPP as part of the GSM family. A variant, called Compact-EDGE, was developed for use in a portion of Digital AMPS network spectrum. Through the introduction of sophisticated methods of coding and transmitting data, EDGE delivers higher bit-rates per radio channel, resulting in a threefold increase in capacity and performance compared with an ordinary GSM/GPRS connection. EDGE can be used for any packet switched application, such as an Internet connection. It allows multimedia file transfer, web browsing and video conferencing through wireless terminals.


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