The Full form of DSC is Digital Signature Certificate. It is the digital certificate that is equivalent of a paper or a physical document, for example, passport, driving license, membership cards, etc. This certificate acts as an identity proof of a person for a specific purpose, e.g., a passport identifies a person who is legally residing in a particular country specified in passport. Furthermore, a digital signature can be presented electronically to access information on the internet, to prove one’s identity, and to sign a document digitally.

A DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) contains relevant information about the user, like name, email address, country, pin code, date of issuance, date of expiry of the certificate, and the name of issuing authority. It is a secure digital key which is used to certify and validate the identity of a person holding this certificate which is issued by the certifying authorities.

Digital signatures of holders are created by using public-key encryption. DSC can be used to authenticate the details and personal information of a person while doing business online. A person can digitally sign a PDF file and send it to the receiver quickly; the DSC holder needs not to present physically to authorize a business. The digitally signed documents cannot be edited or altered, so the date remains secure and safe.