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DM Full Form, What is the Full form of DM?

The Full form of DM is Doctorate of Medicine. DM is a 3 year Post Graduate super specialty degree; awarded for a course in the field of medicine after completing “MD or DNB”. Doctors who have MD, MS or DNB can apply for super specialty courses like DM. There are vast and excellent opportunities available for doctors having super specialty degree. Doctors who obtain a DM degree after doing their post graduation always have an edge over others and can look for a prestigious career in the concerned field. They can work at reputed super specialty private hospitals with high salary. Doctors with DM degree also get into higher positions in government sector. They can also work as reputed teaching faculty in renowned Medical Institutions. Doctors having DM degree can get more reputation and salary than doctors having MD degree. There are different streams available for DM, which are; DM in Cardiology, DM in Nephrology, DM in Neurology, DM in Immunology, DM in Gastroenterology, DM in Endocrinology, DM in Rheumatology, DM in Medical Gastroenterology, DM in Medical Oncology, DM in Clinical hematology, DM in Clinical Pharmacology, DM in Neonatology, DM in Neuro Radiology and DM in Pulmonary Medicine.

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