The Full form of CTO is Chief Technology Officer. CTO is also known as chief technologist or chief technical officer. This designation deals with technological and scientific issues within an organization. A Chief Technology Officer is the executive in charge of scientific, technological and R&D (research & development) needs of an organization and is also responsible for implementing and developing new technologies and aligning technology-related decision with the organization’s goals.

The CTO usually reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. The companies dealing in the electronic and scientific products employ Chief Technology Officer’s for the oversight of the intellectual property. However, a CTO’s role and responsibility may vary from company to company depending on the work culture, and requirements of an organization.

There are various tasks of a CTO, some of which are; to manage and oversee the company’s security, data, network, maintenance, and technological roadmap, to plan the use of technology within the organization and set the technical strategy for the same, to conduct ROI (return-on-investment) analysis and make strategies to increase revenue, to provide key expertise, lead technology teams, supervise the team members, and set performance goals. A CTO also conduct technical solutions or reviews of products, and monitors management and maintenance of all database, hardware, software, and licenses.