Chief Medical Officer



The Full form of CMO is Chief Medical Officer. CMO is the senior government officer who is the head of the medical department of a government hospital. The post is held by a senior physician who serves to advise and who leads and guides the team of doctors, medical experts and looks into the matters of public health. He is responsible for the coordination, development and review of health care services provided to the public through government hospitals of his area. CMO supervises the everyday operations related to hospital management and administration, patient care etc. He can conduct a surprise inspection of hospitals and dispensaries. He serves as a link between physicians (doctors) and other hospital staff. He also manages the vacant posts, training programs and the budget of the hospital. A CMO ranks highest in the hierarchy of medical officers in government hospitals. There are different terms for the designation of CMO in different countries. It is known as Surgeon General in the Unites States and in Canada, it is known as Chief Public Health Officer. By extension, Chief Medical Officer is also used as a job title, for the physician who is the professional lead of all physicians at a hospital.