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CID Full Form, What is the Full form of CID?


CID Full Form

The Full form of CID is Crime Investigation Department. Crime Investigation Department, Headquartered in Pune (India), is an investigation and intelligence wing of the Indian State Police. It is one of the most important units of the police organization and is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP). CID investigates cases that are specified and entrusted by the Govt. of India and DGP (Director General of Police). In 1902, it was formed by the British government to maintain law and order in the country, on the recommendation of Police Commission. The department has their own ranks of officers who usually work in plain clothes. These officers are known as Detectives or CID officers. The CID has several branches like CB-CID, Anti-Terrorism Wing, Anti-Narcotics Cell, Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Person cell, Finger Print Bureau, Bank Frauds, Dog Squad and Human Rights Department. The main task of CID is to investigate criminal cases like murder, rape, theft, robbery etc. It gathers evidence, facts for criminal cases and frauds and catches criminals and finally presents the accused with evidence in the Court. Depending on the level of the crime, these investigations can span multiple cities and states. The CID team also takes the help of local police to investigate the cases.

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