CGPA Full Form




The Full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is used in schools and colleges to measure overall academic performance of a student. Students are allotted with grades (A,B,C,D or F). It is an average of grade points obtained in all the subjects excluding additional subject as per the scheme of studies. For a given academic term, it is an average of grade points obtained for all semester after the course completion. Grade Point Average (GPA) is also a grading average but it is used to specify only for one term or subject. To calculate subject wise indicative percentage of marks, we need to multiply 9.5 with GP of the subject (9.5x GP of the subject). For example, if CGPA of a student is 9.6, it means his/her total percentage of marks is 9.5 multiply by total CGPA i.e. total percentage of marks is equals to 9.5*9.6 and which is 91.2%. Different countries have their own grading standards. India’s grading system is based on percentage.