CGI full form

The Full form of CGI is Computer Generated Imagery. CGI is the application of computer graphics through imaging software which is used to create realistic-looking (3D) images, animated and still visual content, architectural design, anatomical modeling, special effects in movies, video game art, and electronic media, etc. It is used to contribute or create images in printed media, art, films, television programs, video games, shorts, videos, commercials, and simulators.

The images may be static or dynamic, and may be 2D (second-dimension), although the term “CGI” is mostly used to refer to the 3-Dimensional computer graphics used for creating scenes, characters, and special effects in television and films, which is described as ‘CGI animation’. In short, CGI allows the user to create motion and characters that look real and that may not be created using other methods.

As compared to traditional visuals, CGI visuals are cost-effective and they are widely used across the globe. An artist can make or produce content with CGI without using set pieces, actors or props. The visual effects quality produced by CGI is controllable and higher as compared to physical ones. The CGI was first used for the Michael Crichton’s movie “West-world” in 1973. After that, CGI was used by many other movies such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Finding Nemo, Inception, The Matrix, and more.