The full form of CFL is Compact Fluorescent Light. This type of light helps in saving energy by consuming less power than old incandescent lights. It has two electrodes and one glass tube. The inner surface of this light is coated with Phosphor. There is a mixture of mercury vapour and argon gas present in the light tube. It has a different way of producing lights as compared to those incandescent lights. In CFLs, the current passes through the gaseous mixture present in its tube. Due to this current, the mercury vapour gets activated which in turn produces Ultraviolet light. The UV light is responsible for activating Phosphor tube. This produces light. CFLs are of two types: Integrated and Non-Integrated. The Integrated CFL consists of bayonet fitting and electronic ballast in one single unit. The non-Integrated CFL has electronic ballast permanently fitted inside the luminaire. The CFLs are efficient, produces heat in less amount as compared to regular bulbs, eco-friendly and cost-effective.