Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation


The Full form of CCE is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. CCE was a process of assessment introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education in 2009. It is mandated by the RTE (Right to Education) Act, of India to bring about a holistic and overall development among students. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation approach to assessment was introduced by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) as well as by the state governments in India, for students of 6th to 10th grades and 12th in some schools.

The main aim of CCE was to evaluate each and every aspect of the children during their presence at the school. CCE, through various assessment activities enable teachers to conduct diagnosis of student’s defects. It also helps in improving and upgrading the student’s performance by identifying their difficulties in learning at regular intervals of time. This process starts at the beginning of the academic session. CCE exam scheme enables students to make a well-informed and better choice of subjects in class 11th, depending upon their liking, academic performance, interests, and aptitude.

It also encourages thinking abilities, additional life skills, and emotional skills in students. CCE approach is important because it helps to make the process of education a student-centric activity and to develop psychomotor, cognitive, and interpersonal skills among students.