The Full form of CC is Cubic Capacity. CC refers to the size and capacity of an engine. It defines the volume of the cylinder of the vehicle between the Piston TDC (Top Dead Center) and Bottom Dead Center (BDC), where the combustion in the actual cylinder takes place. The CC (Cubic Capacity) or displacement is the volume which is swept by the piston inside the cylinder. So, if the Cubic Capacity of an engine is more, then the fuel combustion and the power of the engine will be more.

Therefore, if the CC of an engine is more its fuel economy would be less as it would consume more fuel. The Cubic Capacity is measured usually in cubic centimetre. The formula used to calculate the CC of an engine is V = π/4 x (D)² x H x N, where, V represents Volume, D means Bore Diameter, H is Stroke Length and N is No. of Cylinders. For example, if an engine has a capacity of say 1500cc or 1500 Cubic Centimetres, then the capacity of that engine is 1.5 Litre i.e. 1500cc = 1500 cm³ = 1.5 Litre = 1.5L. A 1.5 litre engine means 1500 CC engine and the distribution of volume directly depends on piston arrangement and the number of cylinders.