What is the Full form of CBS? | CBS Meaning


About CBS


CBS Full form – The full form of CBS is Core Banking System.  CBS is a branched network of banks which provide a specific type of banking service. This banking service is called core banking. It is often associated with retail banking. This is why many banks treat retail banking customers as their core banking customers. Core banking is a system in which a customer can access their account through various branches. Customers can perform basic transactions from any of the various branches. Now CBS has grown tremendously and digitally. Core Banking System used to just provide FDs (Fixed Deposits), Loans and other basic services, but now it has transformed into a big banking service providing numerous options to people, all under one umbrella. CBS has numerous benefits not only for the customers but also for banks. There are four major advantages – first of all, it improves banking operation as CBS is helpful in getting customer feedback about demands and improvements. Second, there is no room for errors. It is easy to introduce new features and change the existing ones. Last, it can easily blend back-office data and self-service operations.


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