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ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police.

The Full form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is considered as one of the highest ranks in IPS (Indian Police Service). Assistant Commissioner of Police is a rank used in many police forces globally. It is a rank that is also used in revenue administrations like income tax, land, inland, customs, etc. in many countries. The ACP of land revenue is also given magisterial powers in the capacity of SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) to settle disputes.



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There are two possible ways to get the rank and those are either by getting selected after clearing the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam and interview or by promotion from state police cadre after 15-20 years of successful completion of service. ACP holds one of the highest ranks after the rank of Commissioner of Police in Indian Police Service. It is regarded as one of the most honorable post and is treated with great respect.

ACP is responsible for the administration of day-to-day operations of the department which includes criminal and the related offences. He is also responsible for providing strong inputs on departmental policies, decisions, and actions. ACP is accountable to his higher authorities and also responsible for making related reports whenever asked.



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