Some Facts about Banks in India 

First India bank Got ISO : Canara Bank

First Governor of RBI : Mr. Osborne Smith

First Indian governor of RBI : Mr. C D Deshmukh


First Bank to Introduce ATM in India : HSBC

First Bank to introduce saving Bank in India : Presidency bank in 1833

First Bank to Introduce Cheque system in India : Bengal Bank 1784

First Bank to introduce Internet Banking : ICICI BANK

First Bank to introduce Mutual Fund : State Bank of India

First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India : Central Bank of India

First Foreign Bank in India : Comptoire d’Escompte de Paris of France in 1860

First Bank Set Up in India : Bank of Hindustan in 1770

First Joint Stock Bank of British India : State Bank of India

First Joint Stock Bank of India : Allahabad Bank

First Bank that is oldest Public Bank in India : Allahabad Bank

First national bank that is merged with Punjab National Bank    : New Bank of India in 1993

First Indian bank to open branch outside India in London in 1946   : Bank of India

First Indian Bank started with Indian capital /indigenous Bank of India   : Punjab National Bank

First Regional Rural Bank name Prathama Grameen Bank Was started by  : Syndicate Bank


Central Bank

1. Central Bank – Reserve Bank of India

Commercial Bank

2. Public Sector Bank – (Nationalised Bank) Total 26 = 14 were nationalized in 1969 + 6 were

Nationalized in 1980 (out of these one bank new Bank of India was merged with PNB in 1983), + 1 IDBI + SBI + 5 Subsidiary/Associates banks of State Bank of India.

3. Private Banks = RBI in 1993 gave licences to 12 Private bank in 2 phases 10 private bank in 1993 and 2 private bank in 2003-2004

4. Foreign Banks = 34 Foreign Banks are there in India.

Cooperative Bank:

Cooperative Banks = Bank those are registered under Co-operative Societies Act 1965, Co-operative Banks are also works as Commercial Bank, these are made by self Help Group, or by the Communities or by Groups.

Specialised Bank

Developmental/Specialised Banks: Like IFCI, IDBI, EXIM, NABARAD, SCICI Ltd.

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