Improvement of Sentences  – Answers are marked in Bold

In the following question, a part of the sentence is capitalized. Below are given alternatives to the capitalised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. If no improvement is needed, mark your answer as No improvement or No correction required.

    1. The stranger asked the little girl WHAT IS HER NAME.
      1. what her name is.
      2. what her name was.
      3. what was her name.
      4. No improvement .
    2. I am LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE you soon.
      1. looking forward towards seeing
      2. looking forward for seeing
      3. looking forward to seeing
      4. No improvement .
    3. She would not go to his house unless I GO with her.
      1. would go
      2. went
      3. shall go
      4. No improvement
    4. His colleagues could not tell me WHY DID HE NOT COME to office yesterday.
      1. why not had he come
      2. why he did not come
      3. why had he not come
      4. No improvement
    5. I will now deal with him in a manner different from the one I HAVE ADOPTED so far.
      1. I adopted
      2. I was adopting
      3. I have been adopting
      4. No improvement
    6. I shall not go UNTIL I AM INVITED.
      1. if not I am invited
      2. till I am invited
      3. unless I am invited
      4. No improvement
    7. He may have aged WHEN I LAST SAW HIM.
      1. from  when I last saw him
      2. since I last saw him
      3. before I last saw him
      4. No improvement
    8. He SHOULD NOT HAD done it.
      1. should had not
      2. should not have
      3. should have
      4. had not
    9. Ramakrishna AVAILED HIMSELF OF all the leave to his credit.
      1. availed of
      2. availed to
      3. availed
      4. No improvement
    10. After the heavy rains last week, the water in the lake RAISED ANOTHER TWO FEET.
      1. would raise another two feet
      2. rised another two feet
      3. rose another two feet
      4. No improvement
    11. It was quite clear that the runner COULD BE ABLE to improve upon his own record.
      1. will be able
      2. should be able
      3. would be able
      4. No improvement
    12. With a thundering roar the huge rocket SOARED UP from the launching pad.
      1. took off
      2. went upwards
      3. flew up
      4. No improvement
    13. The good fortune OF BEING YOUR STUDENT in my younger days has helped me greatly in my life.
      1. of my being your student
      2. of my myself being your student
      3. of my having been your student
      4. No correction required
    14. I complimented him FOR his success in the examination.
      1. about
      2. on
      3. at
      4. No improvement
    15. The orphans have been clamoring for nutritious food FROM THE PAST two weeks.
      1. for past
      2. since the past
      3. for the past
      4. No improvement
    16. Will you LEND ME FEW RUPEES in this hour of need?
      1. borrow me a few rupees
      2. lend me any rupees
      3. lend me a few rupees
      4. No improvement
    17. I MADE him good-bye.
      1. wished
      2. complimented
      3. bade
      4. No improvement
    18. She wondered IF the children were as lonely as she was.
      1. that if
      2. whether
      3. that
      4. No improvement
    19. The man WHO WILL SCORE THE MAXIMUM POINTS, will carry the trophy.
      1. who scores the maximum points
      2. who the maximum points scores
      3. who would score the maximum points
      4. No improvement
    20. The farmers ARE WORKING in the field from sunrise and will continue to do so until sunset.
      1. have worked
      2. have been working
      3. were working
      4. No improvement