BINC  Mathematics Statistics Physics and Chemistry Syllabus – Basic

Functions and Graphs: Functions, Relations, notation and representation. Graphs. Review of basic functions. Functions of several variables

2D coordinate geometry: Equation of a line, circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola

3D geometry: Equation of sphere, cone, direction cosines, equation of line

Basic trigonometric functions

Matrix algebra: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, transpose

Introduction to principles of statistical sampling from a population, random sampling

Frequency distributions and associated statistical measures, Probability distributions – normal and binomial

Particle dynamics, Newton’s laws of motion, velocity, acceleration, momentum

Pressure, temperature, volume relationship

First law of thermodynamics, isothermal process, entropy and second law of thermodynamics, reversible and irreversible processes; Concepts of enthalpy, internal energy and potential energy; Inter-relation between potential energy and force

Concept of pH, pK, chemical equilibrium, Henderson-Hasselbach equation, structure of water, chemical forces, hydrophilic and hydrophobic forces, hybridization states of atoms, electronic structure of molecules, and concept of bonding (chemical bonds, ionic bonds, covalent bonds, hydrogen bond, coordinate bonds)

Bio-Informatics National Certification (BINC) Syllabus