Draft Regulations on Academic Bank of Credit released by UGC to ease students mobility

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released draft regulations on Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) to ease students’ mobility across the system. UGC has constituted a high-level committee to develop a detailed scheme along with the implementation strategy on an innovative concept of Academic Banks of Credits (ABC).


These regulations may be called the UGC (Establishment and Operationalization of Academic Bank of Credits Scheme in Higher Education) Regulations, 2021.


The draft regulation reads, “ABC aims to satisfy the students’ quest for knowledge, freedom to choose and change their academic directions, connect different domains and help them acquire the right foundations and building blocks of their dreams.” 


It also mention that the “Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is an academic service mechanism as a digital/virtual/online entity established and managed by Ministry of Education/University Grants Commission to facilitate students to become its academic account holders and paving the way for seamless student mobility between or within degree-granting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs),


ABC, in line with the National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020, shall be a national-level facility to promote flexibility of curriculum framework and interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary academic mobility of students across the Higher Education Institutions in the country with appropriate ‘credit transfer’ mechanism. 


The main objective of this scheme is to enable students to choose their own learning path to attain a Degree/Diploma/PG-diploma etc working on the principle of multiple entry-multiple exits as well as anytime, anywhere, and any level learning.


This will also allow the students to make specific modifications/specializations to their degree programs rather than undergoing the regularly prescribed degree/courses of a single university/autonomous college.