Women candidates have to be included in the UPSC NDA November Examination, SC

In a hearing today, the Supreme Court has refused to consider the plea filed by the Ministry of Defence to exempt the women candidates to appear in the November 14 exam and be a part of NDA exam which will be held in 2022. The ministry has mentioned that the aspects of training and curriculum need to be formulated separately for women candidates. The outdoor training, drill, equitation, swimming, games, sports etc., should be designed differently. The preparation of curriculum for women candidates needs deep analysis and expert’s opinion. Hence, it needed time till May 2022 

On August 18, the Supreme Court passed its interim order to allow the women aspirants to sit for the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam 2021. 

The SC refused to vacate the interim order passed by it and said that women have to be included in the November 14 examination.  It said that the admission of women candidates cannot be postponed.  SC said that if the plea by the Ministry was to be entertained, it would mean that women candidates would be able to take the NDA Exam only in 2022 and thus, their admissions to NDA would be delayed till 2023. 

The Bench Said that, “We will give you latitude, but don’t ask us to vacate the order. Let us see the results. Let us see how many women will get in. We are not disposing of the petition.” The same was observed on the grounds that after giving hope to women, they cannot be let down now.  

As per the reports, a committee has been constituted to examine the changes needed in the NDA curriculum, in infrastructure and in other aspects in terms of fitness training and accommodation facilities to help in the entry of women candidates to NDA.