Cabinet gives approval for Common Exit Exam for MBBS graduates

National Exit Test for MBBS graduates gets approval of Cabinet – The Union govt has been undertaking several steps to streamline the medical education in the country. In a new step, the Centre has announced its decision to convert MBBS course’s final exam into a licentiate exam. In addition to that, this exam will also used as entrance for admission into PG  Medical courses. It will also act as a Screening Test for the Foreign Medical graduates. Currently , the govt plans to call this test as National Exit Test (NEXT). 


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On Wednesday July 17, 2019 the Union Cabinet had approved a Medical Commission Bill. All these proposals regarding the exit exam were taken during this meeting. Once it comes into effect, National Medical Commission would replace the existing Medical Council of India. 


Under the Commission, there would be four boards – Undergraduate Medical Education Board, Post Graduate Medical Education Board, Ethics & Medical Registration Board and Medical Assessment and Rating Board. Apart from regulating the Medical education in India, the other tasks of this board would be – Regulation of Medical Fees, and other similar charges in Medical Universities in Deemed Universities and other Private Medical Colleges.


The Bill also aims to unify the different Medical entrance admission processes in order to grant admission for the Medical seats to the eligible students. NEET and NEXT as well as admission counselling would be applicable for All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as well.