RTI reply states ‘Minority’ word not defined in Indian Constitution

Minority’ word not defined in Indian constitution – While replying to a Right to Information RTI) enquiry, the Ministry of Minority Affairs has stated that the Indian Constitution doesn’t define the word ‘Minority.’ 


The RTI reply states that the word ‘Minority’ has been used in the plural form in the Constitution of India. However, there is no definition of this word mentioned. In the article 29, there is no word minority in the title. However, it speaks of ‘any class of citizen with special language, script or culture.’ 


Under Section 2 (c)  of Minority Commission Act, 1992, the Indian govt has declared five communities which are Parsis, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Muslims as the minority ones. 


One Ajaypal Nagar from UP’s Dadri area had sought this RPI reply from the Ministry of Minority Affairs. 


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