Health Ministry proposes to convert 75 district Hospitals into Medical Colleges

Health Ministry proposes to convert 75 District Hospitals into Medical Colleges – The revamped health ministry has sent a proposal to the government to convert 75 district hospitals into medical colleges as the third phase of the central scheme for “Establishment of new medical colleges by upgrading district or referral hospitals”.


The cabinet had approved converting 58 district hospitals into medical institutions in the first phase of the scheme and 24 were approved in the second phase. Out of these 82, 39 have been made operational; however, remaining are under construction.


If the government clears the proposal of these 75 new medical colleges, a total of 157 medical colleges will become operational soon under the central scheme to boost the availability of human resources for the health sector. The expected expenditure for the third phase, as mentioned in the proposal, is Rs. 325 crore.


With this proposal, the health ministry can create at least 10,000 additional MBBS seats and at least 8,000 postgraduate seats in the country. Certainly, medical education will be growing by its leaps and bounds in the near future. Simultaneously, the scheme is working for common people of India so that one can avail the government benefits.  Moreover, these selected 75 district hospitals contain majorly under-served areas.


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Currently, the nation is facing a huge shortage in the number of serving doctors. According to a report by the WHO(World Health Organisation), India has 1 doctor per 1953 citizens. However, according to the standards, at least 1 doctor is required for every 1000 citizens.


By opening new institutes, the gap between the number of doctors can be easily bridged by the end of the year 2027.


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