CBSE to announced result of students suffering from Covid infection based on Term 1 Board Exam performance 


In the wake of several queries concerning students’ eligibility for compartment exams if they are unable to sit for Term 2 board exams, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made some clarifications. The board has specified particulars about Term-II board examination results, eligibility for compartment exams and the way in which ahead if any scholar will get infected presently.

CBSE Controller of examinations, Sanyam Bhardwaj said, “Considering the unsure state of affairs due to a resurge of Covid-19, if any scholar is unable to seem for the category X/XII Term-II board exams due to Coronavirus an infection, the board will take into account their Term-I performance for declaring the ultimate end result accordingly.

He also mentioned that this route can be legitimate for students who might have to take part in any nationwide/worldwide stage sports activities tournaments presently.

Students will have to intimate the board with their Covid report if affected by it and the students participating in any sport activity will have to submit the endorsement from applicable authority as required effectively to be eligible for consideration in both of these two instances, said Bhardwaj.

Sanyam Bhardwaj also clarifies the state of affairs associated with students’ eligibility for compartment exams. He said that students can sit for compartment exams solely in case they’re positioned within the compartment class. He says, “For class X, the board allows students to appear for compartment exams in any two subjects. Since the board creates an exam schedule to ensure that no two subjects in which a student needs to reappear for the exam falls on the same day, these exams are held across a period of five to seven days.”

For class XII, students can appear for a compartment examination in just one topic. “Thus, all compartment exams for class XII students are held on one day,” says Bhardwaj