CBSE asked to change Exam Pattern by Central Government

While addressing an event in Kolkata on Thursday, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Satya Pal Singh said that, the Central government has instructed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to make changes in exam pattern in order to test the descriptive and objective knowledge of the students and to upgrade the quality of education

The decision was taken after consultation with all members of the state boards to maintain uniformity in the system.

The minister while speaking at a session on higher education organized by Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that,

  • There is a huge disparity in marking style in different regions of India. He cited the example of students seeking admission in Delhi University (DU).
  • The minister also spoke about the Centre’s plan to prepare children for future jobs. He said the government is framing advanced educational policies as the scientists today are deliberating on the fourth industrial revolution, Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • He said funds to states have seen a significant spike. He underlined that only 25.2 per cent have access to higher education which needs to be with the time. The government is building new schools colleges to end this disparity and regional imbalance.
  • He also spoke about giving 100 per cent funds to those states that do not have a Central University.
  • In regards of educational policy he said that,  we are trying to address the no-detention policy till Class 10 started by the previous (UPA) government. We tried to make Class 10 board examination compulsory but education is mainly a state subject.’
  • Only 26 per cent of Indian engineering graduates were employable so in this context, the minister said: “We are seeing how academic and industry interface can be improved. This year, we have made it compulsory for engineering students to go for internships every year for almost a month. This will give them hands-on experience which will make them employable.”