CBSE to conduct two separate Maths Exams for Class X from 2020 – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently announced that it would be conducting two separate exams for Mathematics subject for Class X Boards from 2020 onwards. 


Those students who would be appearing for the upcoming Board exams will be provided with the option of choosing the subject in the registration form once this process starts. Among the two papers, the first paper will be of Basic Mathematics and second will be of Standard Mathematics. 


One of the Board officials stated that those students who will choose Basic Mathematics as their option will not be allowed to take Maths once they graduate to XI standard. Also they will be appearing for only that Maths paper that they have marked during registration process. 


A student who wishes to take Maths subject in Class XI after choosing Basic Maths in Class X will be allowed to do so only if she has a good score in the subject. Apart from that she will have to appear for the Compartment Exam for Basic Maths that will take place in July 2020. Once they pass it successfully, they will be able to take Maths in Class XI. 


Meanwhile, the Board has decided not to change the syllabus of the exam. However, they would increase difficulty level of both the papers as per the requirement. On the other hand, CBSE has advised its students that they should decide to appear for Standard Maths paper only if they wish to pursue this subject during Higher Studies.