Students will soon heave a sigh of relief as the HRD ministry has hinted at a 10-15 per cent cut in NCERT syllabus from academic year 2019-20 and more in subsequent years to target a reduction by half.


This decision is likely to be taken taking into cognizance the increasing curriculum load on students So, the ministry want to relieve youngsters from ‘curriculum overload’.


Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar, who chaired a meeting of NCERT’s general council last week, said a 50 % reduction of the ‘curriculum overload’ without affecting the learning outcomes has been the target of the ministry.


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“Curriculum will be reviewed to ensure holistic education in which there will be time for physical education, value education, life-skills education and experiential learning. The curriculum needs to be reduced and it has been decided to reduce it by 50 %. So, there will be 10-15 % reduction this year. it will be more next year and by 2021, it will be,” Javadekar said.


Javadekar also said the number of NCERT textbooks published this year would go up from 6 crore last year to 8 crore this year to ensure adequate supply.