As the lockdown has been extended twice amidst COVID – 19 fear, the CBSE is planning to reduce its syllabus for the ongoing Academic session 2020 – 21. The premium Education Body, which is based in New Delhi also plans to revise the syllabus in a certain manner.


Amidst the lockdown announcement, the officials from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have announced a plan. According to this plan, the syllabus of the upcoming academic year will undergo reduction in significant amount. The process is already in the works. A senior official also made this remark that a team from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has already started working on this process.


The CBSE officials conducted a Webinar recently with some of the Senior Teachers where they shared the roadmap regarding how the upcoming academic session is going to be. The officials addressed various concerns that were put forward by the Senior teachers and stated that the NCERT is currently working on the plan to reduce the syllabus for all the Classes. 



In order to ensure that academic activities are given most of the time, the Board has assured the Teachers that it will remove all other activities from the CBSE academic calendar. However, the Board has not yet stated that when it would release the Academic Calendar. The teachers have been instructed to continue with the sequential chapters that are given in each Subject. From the second term, the number of Chapters can be reduced by the Board. Apart from teaching, the teachers have also been instructed to take care of students at the same time.


The official said that under the guidance from the CBSE, the NCERT is working on to reduce the syllabus. The current approach is to select Chapters sequentially from each Book. They have also taken and noted down suggestions from several Experts and shareholders. The academic calendar will be notified to all the schools soon. 


The CBSE has asked its teachers that they should be helpful and compassionate while teaching. They have to ensure that isolation and depression doesn’t set in while teaching. As these learners are stuck at their respective homes, the Teachers have been asked to come with creative ways in order to ensure the engagement among these students.