CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern

Change in Exam pattern for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020

CBSE changes Exam Pattern for Class 10 Board Exam 2020 – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE )plans to introduce certain changes in the examination pattern of class 10 from 2020 onwards with a purpose to reduce the burden of class 10 students.

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Now, the exam pattern will be bifurcated into two levels instead of just a single 100-mark paper.

To check the ability of students, an internal exam will be conducted by the school and this internal exam will be of 20 marks. Therefore, the common CBSE exam will be 80 marks instead of 100 marks.

The CBSE named this move “learner-centric” and emphasized on the importance of internal assessment.

This new exam pattern will only be applicable on English and Mathematics exam. The students who will clear the internal exams conducted by school, will be eligible for the final written exams.

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Moreover, the class 10 students will now have an option to choose between the difficulty level of the math exam from “standard” to “basic” level. The easier version of the math syllabus will be called mathematics-basic whereas the current syllabus will be called the mathematics-standard. 

However, the students who will choose an easier version of math syllabus i.e.mathematics-basics, will not be allowed to take mathematics as a major subject in higher studies.

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