Revised assessment plan for class 12 Hindi Elective and Hindi Core – Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE released a circular regarding Assessment of project work in the subjects of Hindi Elective and Hindi Core for Class 12 2019  board examination. As per the circular shared with the school heads, the board has informed that assessment of the project work of 10 marks would now be marked by the school internally. Earlier the external examiner was assigned to Schools for doing so.
Schools were also asked to conduct an ASL for Hindi Elective and Core which would be for 10 marks. Total marks obtained in ASL (10) + project work (10) take together out of 20 marks need to be uploaded by the schools on the link provided by the CBSE for uploading marks of practical exams and project work.
The revised assessment plan for Hindi Elective and Hindi Core for CBSE Class 12 Board Examination 2019 is as follows:

  • The ASL for 10 marks would be assessed internally by the schools for Hindi Elective and Hindi Core subjects.
  • Project Work for 10 marks will now be assessed internally by school only. No external examiner would be assigned for the same.
  • Schools would be required to upload the marks scored in ASL and Project work (total 20 marks) on the online portal available for uploading the internal marks (Practical/ Project work) as per the schedule.
  • For the Purpose of calculation of results marks for theory and project will be taken separately.
  • In order to qualify in the subject Hindi Elective and Hindi core, students will have to obtain 33% marks in Project Work and ASL taken together and 33% in theory separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate.