The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recently announced that it would approve Bachelor of Technology (BTech) courses in streams such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from that, it would also provide approval to offer Cyber Security and Internet of Things (IoT) as specialization courses. 


Prof Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhey who is the President of AICTE made this announcement in Chennai where he was attending a National Conference on Higher Education. He stated that such courses would cater to skilled manpower’s growing demand in different technological fields. He made these revelations while answering questions from the press during an event organised by the Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI). 


The AICTE chief said that the Engineering governing body had already constituted a committee which is currently accessing the importance of offering different degree programmes in different technologies that  are trending today and are responsible for causing big transformation. Until now, the committee has approved courses in AI and Data Science. They are also considering other technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and Cyber Security as well. 



Later on the committee decided that as of now it is not required to have full-fledged degree program in fields such as IoT and Cyber Security. They would be offered as specialization courses. 


Apart from these courses, the AICTE also plans to roll out certain slew of initiatives in order to improve the quality of Technical Education in the country. The body has made it mandatory for the faculty members of its certified engineering colleges to attend a training program which is a semester long.  


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