Practice Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on River Ganga 

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), an authority under the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India conducts the Ganga Quest  under the aegis of Namami Gange program, a national flagship program for restoration of river Ganga. Ganga Quest is an online quiz on River Ganga. Here we have compiled the MCQs quiz on River Ganga to help you participate in Ganga Quest 2021.


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Q1. River Ganga flows through which country or countries?

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Nepal
  4. Both A and B


Q2. On what basis is River Ganga the third largest river in the world?

  1. Size
  2. Discharge
  3. Number of bridges
  4. Number of dams


Q3. Where does the river get discharged?

  1. The Arabian Sea
  2. The Bay of Bengal
  3. The Indian Ocean
  4. None of these


Q4. From which of the following states does the river not pass through?

  1. Odisha
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Both A and B
  4. Bihar


Q5. How many endangered species can be found in the river?

  1. 10
  2. 52
  3. 64
  4. 100


Q6. Which one of these is an endangered species found in river ganga?

  1. Gharial
  2. South Asian river dolphin
  3. Ganges shark
  4. All of these


Q7. What is the name of the environment initiative taken by the government to save river ganga from pollution? This is the plan which failed to achieve its goals.

  1. Ganga Action Plan
  2. Save Ganga Plan
  3. Shudh Paani Plan
  4. No such plan was initiated


Q8. Which of these is not a tributary of river ganga?

  1. Damodar
  2. Satluj
  3. Ghaghara
  4. Garra


Q9. Which of the following rivers does not help in the formation of the Indo-Gangetic Plain?

  1. Brahmaputra river
  2. Ganga river
  3. Indus river
  4. Both B and C


Q10. What is the Indo-Gangetic plain also known as?

  1. Foredeep
  2. Foreland basin
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these


Q11. Who was the first European to mention the river?

  1. Columbus
  2. Megasthenes
  3. Marco Polo
  4. None of these


Q12. Megasthenes wrote which book which mentioned river Ganga?

  1. Indika
  2. Along the Ganges
  3. Bend in the Ganges
  4. None of these


Q13. When was the construction of a barrage named Farakka Barrage inaugurated?

  1. 1959
  2. 1950
  3. 1951
  4. 1952


Q14. When was the construction of the Farakka Barrage finally completed?

  1. 1975
  2. 1978
  3. 1976
  4. 1977


Q15. What is the length of the longest canal built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in the year 1356?

  1. 240 km
  2. 360 km
  3. 180 km
  4. 156 km


Q16. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built an irrigation canal on which river in the early 17th century?

  1. The Yamuna River
  2. The Kosi River
  3. The Ghaghara River
  4. The Godavari River


Q17. What is the name of the first British canal in India?

  1. The River Ganga Canal
  2. Upper Ganges Canal
  3. The Ganges Canal
  4. The Western Yamuna Canal


Q18. Which historian said that the Ganges Canal was the largest canal ever attempted in the world, five times greater in its length than all the main irrigation lines of Lombardy and Egypt put together, and longer by a third than even the largest USA navigation canal, the Pennsylvania Canal?

  1. Ian Stone
  2. Orlando Figes
  3. Allan Nevins
  4. Irfan Habib


Q19. What is the name of the dam constructed on Bhagirathi River, tributary of the Ganga?

  1. Bansagar Dam
  2. Tehri Dam
  3. Rihand Dam
  4. Dhauli Ganga Dam


Q20. What is the name of the dam constructed on Sone River, tributary of the Ganga?

  1. Dhauli Ganga Dam
  2. Bansagar Dam
  3. Bargi Dam
  4. Gandhi Sagar Dam


Q21. What is the other name for the story of Avatarana?

  1. Descent of Ganges
  2. River Ganges
  3. Bhagirathi
  4. None of these


Q22. Which river has a pivotal role in Avatarana?

  1. River Yamuna
  2. River Krishna
  3. River Bhagirathi
  4. River Godavari


Q23. In the Hindu mythology, who is known as Gangadhara, the “Bearer of the Ganga”? 

  1. Lord Shiva
  2. King Bhagirathi
  3. Lord Vishnu
  4. Goddess Parvati


Q24. What is the name of the Hindu pilgrimage in which Hindus gather at the river Ganges?

  1. Shubh mela
  2. Kumbh mela
  3. Ganga mela
  4. None of these


Q25. Which of the following is a holy town which attracts millions to take a holy dip in the river?

  1. Varanasi
  2. Haridwar
  3. Prayagraj
  4. All of the above


Q26. Which of the following is a chief crop cultivated in the area surrounding the river?

  1. Rice
  2. Lentils
  3. Wheat
  4. All of these


Q27. Which city is the largest city on the Ganges?

  1. Unnao
  2. Patna
  3. Kanpur
  4. Haridwar


Q28. Which location marks the beginning of the main stem of the Ganges?

  1. Bhagirathi
  2. Devprayag
  3. Alaknanda
  4. Rishikesh


Q29. Which of the following Ganga tributaries is also known as Tons?

  1. Tamsa
  2. Brahmaputra
  3. Damodar
  4. Ajoy


Q30. On the basis of length, on which number does river Ganga stand in the world?

  1. 34th
  2. 16th
  3. 48th
  4. 32nd


Answer key

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