Latest General Knowledge June 2018 – 25 MCQs

This video contains the Latest GK june 2018 (week 4)  and Current Affairs of June 2018 (June 17 to 23rd 2018) in MCQ format in ENGLISH and HINDI. The topics covered in the video are science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc. The important details of the current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.
Latest General Knowledge June 2018 (Week 4) – See Videos in English 
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Latest General Knowledge June 2018 (Week 4) – See Videos in Hindi
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Current Affairs covered in this Video- A Few Questions

Q1. Under which law has the Ministry of Home Affairs banned affiliates of Al Qaeda and Islamic State organizations?
Q2. The new dialogue on the ‘2+2’ format between India and US is based on the similar dialogue between India and ______?
Q3. According to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2018 report, which of these is not a cause for the rise in the World’s hungry population?
Q4. India has increased the tariff on imports from which country?
Q5. What is the theme of International Yoga day 2018?
Q6. Name the new Chairman of ICC?
Q7. Name the Sportsperson of the year for 2017 as announced by the Sports Illustrated Magazine?
Q8. Where has the Guinness World Record for ‘largest number of people performing yoga at one place at the same time’ been set on IYD in 2018?
Q9. In which city will a Inter – University yoga centre be set up?
Q10. In which country did the World Music day celebrated on 21st June every year originate?
Q11. Where will the world’s 1st International Centre for Humanitarian Forensics be set up?
Q12. Which city has been awarded ‘City Award’ under Smart Cities Awards 2018?
Q13. Name the 1st G7 country to legalise the use of drug Marijuana for recreational purposes?
Q14. What is the theme of World Refugee day 2018?
Q15. Name the App launched by Punjab Government to increase the state’s green cover?
Q16. Name the new Brand Ambassador of Sikkim state government?
Q17. Name the Femina Miss India 2018?
Q18. Name the new MD and CEO of IDBI bank?
Q19. Which state has launched 7-Star Gram Panchayat Rainbow scheme to give star rankings to its panchayats?
Q20. Name the joint tri – service Military exercise between India and Russia?
Q21. Which of these is celebrating the year 2018 as ‘year of disabled soldiers in line of duty’?
Q22. Name the richest man in the world according to the Forbes World’s Billionaires list?
Q23. When is World Sustainable Gastronomy day celebrated?
Q24. What is the theme of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought?
Q25. Which country has denied the joint project with India to develop a Naval base there?


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