Latest General Knowledge August 2018 (Week 3) – Video and Pdf

Current Affairs & Latest GK August 2018 (Week 3) – This Video present the  Latest Current Affairs in MCQ format covering the Current Affairs  topics related to science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc during week 12th to 18th August 2018. The important details of the current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.
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Current Affairs covered in this Video- A Few Questions:

Q1. Who out of these is not one of the newly appointed judges of the Supreme Court of India?
Q2. Where was the 11th World Hindi Conference (विश्व हिंदी सम्मेलन) held?
Q3. Name the 1st Indian cyclist who has won a medal in track cycling at the world level?
Q4. Name the 1st Indian to get elected as Chair of International Nitrogen Initiative (INI)?
Q5. What was the theme of the 24th World Congress of Philosophy?
Q6. India has granted aid to the ‘Postal Highway Project’ in which country?
Q7. What does the RUCO initiative launched by FSSAI stand for?
Q8. In his Independence day speech, what is the name given to India’s 1st manned Space Mission by PM Narendra Modi?
Q9. Name the serving Governor of Chhattisgarh who died on 14th August 2018?
Q10. According to the 2018 Global Liveability Index, which is the world’s most liveable city?
Q11. The first of its kind coordinated digital attack on an Indian bank was done on which bank?
Q12. Who is the brand Ambassador of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ Road Safety campaigns?
Q13. Name the new Chairman of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)?
Q14. Which city topped the ranking of Ease of Living Index released by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA)?
Q15. What is the name of Iran’s next generation short-range ballistic missile?
Q16. Name the Chairperson of Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (ATE), Ministry of Power?
Q17. Where is India’s 1st National Wildlife Genetic Resource Bank located?
Q18. Which of these is not one of the 3 sites identified for setting up Water Aerodromes in India?
Q19. When is World Elephant day observed?
Q20. What was the theme of International Youth day 2018?
Q21. West Bengal government has removed the family income ceiling from the woman welfare scheme – ‘_____’?
Q22. Which of these is the First project under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme?
Q23. Who is the Indian Ambassador to Russia?
Q24. Name the new Chief Justice of Odisha High court?
Q25. According to the survey conducted by the Quality Council of India (QCI), which is the cleanliest railway station in India?

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