Latest General Knowledge 1 – 15 December 2019

Affairs & Latest GK 1 – 15 December 2019– This Video present the Latest Current Affairs in MCQ format covering the Current Affairs during 1 – 15 December 2019. Topics related to

science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment,

Sports, Politics, etc are covered in this video. The important details of the

current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.


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Q1. Aberdeen Police Station was ranked as the best in the country by the government on December 6, 2019. It is in which UT?


Q2. Which lyricist has written the ‘Bharatiya Poshan Anthem’ launched by the government to spread the message of making India malnutrition-free?


Q3. Poshan Abhiyan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2018 with an objective to make India malnutrition free by____.


Q4. The Armed Forces Flag Day was observed in India on ____, 2019. 


Q5. Navy Day was celebrated on December 4, 2019 to mark which of the following happenings?


Q6. The Indian Rafale fighter jets will fly with the tail sign ___ after former Air Force Chief _____. 


Q7. Which of the following statements about Sweden is/are correct?


I. Riksdag is the Legislature

II. Stockholm is the capital 

III. Swedish Krona is the currency


Q8. India has gifted Coast Guard Ship Kaamiyaab to which country in December 2019?


Q9. The conclave of chiefs of the ___ of Indo-Pacific region countries was organised in Hawaii (US) from December 4 to 6, 2019. 


Q10. Which of the following is the joint military exercise between India and China held in Meghalaya in December 2019?


Q11. Which is the second largest destination country for international migrants behind United States according to the ‘World Migration Report 2020’?


Q12. ______ students dominated the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) conducted by OECD. 


Q13. Which of the following has ‘Realising Opportunities of the 21st Century for All’ as its theme for 2020?


Q14. Russia on December 2, 2019 inaugurated the 3000-km ‘Power of Siberia’ pipeline to transport natural gas to which country?


Q15. Which country hosted the 2019 Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in December 2019?


Q16. Which Typhoon hit the Philippines on December 3, 2019?


Q17. Pritivirajsing Roopun has been appointed as the new President of which country in December 2019?


Q18. Antti Rinne resigned as Prime Minister of which country in December 2019?


Q19. The 25th session of Conference of Parties under the UN Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 25) is being organised at ___ from December 2 to 13, 2019. 


Q20. Who won the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize in December 2019?


Q21. Which of the following has launched its lending platform Mi Credit in India?


Q22. Name the word of the year as announced by the Oxford dictionaries.


Q23. Alphabet is the parent company of:


Q24. President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the new building of Rajasthan High Court at ___ on December 7, 2019.


Q25. Name the Indian who won the London Chess Classic on December 6, 2019?


Q26. The Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed by the Parliament in December 2019. A person can keep how many firearms now?


Q27. Which Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) was in news for launching a dedicated matrimonial site for its staff in December 2019?


Q28. Which former Chief of Indian Army is the author of ‘India’s Military Conflicts and Diplomacy: An Inside View of Decision Making’?


Q29. Which organization has signed an agreement to rebuild 11 cultural heritage sites damaged in earthquakes in and around the Kathmandu Valley in 2015?


Q30. Abdulla Shahid is the ___ of Maldives.


Q31. The third India-____ Secretary-level 2+2 Dialogue was held in New Delhi on December 9, 2019. 


Q32. Admiral Aurangzeb Chowdhury, Chief of Naval Staff ___ Navy on December 11, 2019 visited naval base at Visakhapatnam.


Q33. Which of the following won general elections in United Kingdom in December 2019?


Q34. Which country is facing civil war due to fighting between forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and government troops?


Q35. People in Bougainville voted in favour of independence from which country in a referendum held recently?


Q36. Which organization has said that at least 250 journalists are jailed around the world, with the largest number held in China?


Q37. Which African country was hit by Cyclone Belna in December 2019?


Q38. Who was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Finland, the youngest in the world, in December 2019?


Q39. Who was crowned Miss Universe 2019 in Atalanta (US)?


Q40. IRNSS is Indian ___ Navigation Satellite System.


Q41. Which district of West Bengal has won the first prize in implementation of centre’s rural job scheme?


Q42. Who was announced the winner of Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in December 2019?


Q43. Who  is the Chairman of Indian Bank’s Association (IBA) for 2019-20?


Q44. Government’s InvIT is ___ Investment Trust.


Q45. What was India’s rank among 189 countries in UNDP’s Human Development Index (HDI) released in December 2019?


Q46. The World Design Organization has announced the launch of World Design Protopolis at ____.


Q47. The world’s first-ever fully electric commercial aircraft took its inaugural test flight in which country?


Q48. Roshni Nadar Malhotra is among the three Indian women in Forbes’ annual list of ‘World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’. She is associated with which IT company?


Q49. ___ Literature Festival was organised in Chandigarh on December 13-15, 2019. 


Q50. How many gold medals were won by India at the 13th South Asian Games in Nepal in December 2019?



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