Latest General Knowledge November 2018 (Week 4) Video and PDf

Latest Current Affairs November 2018 (Week 4) – This Video includes the Latest Current Affairs in MCQ format covering the Current Affairs during week 18th to 24th November 2018. The topics covered in this video are of science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc. The important details of the current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.
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The Questions provided in the video are:

Q1. Which state has launched Women Empowerment Resolution Campaign?
Q2. Which organization had launched the NASI SCOPUS Young Scientists Awards in 2006 which were adopted by India in 2009?
Q3. In which state is the Sangai tourism Festival held every year?
Q4. Which organization has won the 2018 Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards?
Q5. Name the new President of Interpol?
Q6. Name the second Earth Observation satellite launched by Morocco?
Q7. Name The Acting Executive Director Of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)?
Q8. Where was the 27th BASIC Ministerial Meeting On Climate Change Held?
Q9. Who is the recipient of the Mexican Order Of The Aztec Eagle?
Q10. What is the theme of the 49th International Film Festival Of India Held In Goa?
Q11. The year 2018 marks the 550th Birth Anniversary of _____?
Q12. India has chosen which country’s missile system for Man-portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS)?
Q13. Name the newly appointed Chairman Of Inland Waterways Authority Of India (IWAI)?
Q14. Name the joint military exercise between India and USA?
Q15. Which organization has been awarded the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament and development 2018?
Q16. Name the winner of the bronze medal in men’s singles title at the World Junior Badminton Championships 2018?
Q17. Which of these states has banned hookah bars or lounges?
Q18. When was the first Naturopathy day observed?
Q19. Scientists from which university have built and flown first-ever silent airplane with no moving propellers or jet turbines?
Q20. Where is India’s first specialised hospital for elephants located?
Q21. ______ has been appointed by UNICEF as the 1st ‘Youth Advocate’ of the North Eastern region to fight for child rights?
Q22. Where was the 7th International Tourism Mart held?
Q23. Which state has introduced biometric attendance system in Government colleges?
Q24. Who is the recipient of the 3rd Sayaji Ratna Award?
Q25. Where is the world’s 1st underground resort located?

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