Latest General Knowledge 16 to 31 December 2019

Current Affairs & Latest GK 16 to 31 December 2019 – This Video present the Latest Current Affairs in MCQ format covering the Current Affairs during 16 to 31 December 2019. Topics covered in this video are related to science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc. The important details of the current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.


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Current Affairs covered in this Video- A Few Questions:

Q1. Which aircraft was used to flight test the Brahmos Supersonic cruise missile?


Q2. Who is the CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between India and Russia?


Q3. VSAT is Very Small _____ Terminals.


Q4. Which paramilitary force celebrated its 56th Foundation Day on December 17, 2019?


Q5. India celebrated National Mathematics Day on December 22, 2019 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan. He was born in the year ____:


Q6. What is the title of the book co-authored by Rahul Agarwal & Bharathi S Pradhan released in Dec 2019?


Q7. Who has been appointed as the new Chief of Army Staff in December 2019?


Q8. Who is the newly appointed Director of Hyderabad-based Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy?


Q9. The Prime Minister of which European country attended the meeting of the Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary Organising Committee in New Delhi in December 2019?


Q10. Which European country is providing USD 277 million to India to establish an energy-efficient housing programme in the country?


Q11. Other than Donald Trump’s impeachment in Dec., 2019, how many Presidents of United States have been impeached by the House of Representatives?


Q12. Which of the following has ranked India 112th in gender gap index?


Q13. What is the name of the Russian pipeline being constructed to transport natural gas to Germany?


Q14. The European Parliament is located in which city in France?


Q15. Which country’s government completed buyback of guns in December 2019 after announcing a ban on assault weapons?


Q16. Which of the following is the aircraft carrier launched by China on December 17, 2019?


Q17. Global Refugee Forum was organised in _____ on December 17-18, 2019.


Q18. Who has been appointed as Cuba’s first Prime Minister since 1976?


Q19. Who is the President of the European Council?


Q20. Which African country’s first satellite was launched from China on December 20, 2019?


Q21. Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor has won 2019 Sahitya Akademi Award in English for which of the following books?


Q22. Rashtriya Swayamsiddh Samman were awarded by which organization?


Q23. The GST council, on December 18, 2019, decided to have a single rate of ____ GST on both state-run and state-authorised lotteries. 


Q24.  ____ and Nippon Steel have completed the acquisition of Essar Steel.


Q25. Which of the following has acquired edible oil firm Ruchi Soya in Madhya Pradesh for Rs 4,325 crore?


Q26. Which was India’s largest company in terms of revenue in 2018-19 according to Fortune India 500 list?


Q27. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Hundred Years of ___ in New Delhi on December 20, 2019.


Q28. Who has topped Forbes India’s 2019 Celebrity 100 list?


Q29. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has suggested the setting up of legislative capital at Amaravati, the executive capital at Visakhapatnam and the judicial capital at____.


Q30. Which state’s Chief Minister inaugurated the first Janta Clinic in its capital to provide free primary healthcare to people?


Q31.  Who was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year in December 2019?


Q32.  Which state has bagged the top position in the composite ranking for Good Governance Index (GGI) among North-East and Hill States launched by the Centre in December 2019? 


Q33. UGC has developed a policy framework – “____- Guidelines for Inculcation of Human values and Professionals Ethics in Higher Educational Institutions”.


Q34. A Task Force headed by ____ had recommended the creation of a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) in 2012? 


Q35. INS Arihant and ____ are the two nuclear-powered submarines functional in Indian Navy.


Q36. Vivek Johri is the Director General of which paramilitary force?


Q37. Deepa and Harshvardhan Naidu have co-authored a book on which departed BJP leader and former Union Minister?


Q38. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar held talks with Yousuf bin Alawi, the Foreign Minister of ____, on December 24, 2019.


Q39. An espionage racket involving sailors of Indian Navy was busted in December 2019. This was done under Operation ___.


Q40. Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic are separatist territories of which European country?


Q41. Government of National Accord (GNA) is the internationally recognised government in which country?


Q42. Abdelaziz Djerad has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of which African country?


Q43. The UN in its ‘Decade in review’ report has named whom as  “the most famous teenager in the world”?


Q44. Name the NASA astronaut who has created a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman.


Q45. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched___, an e-auction platform to enable online auction of attached assets by banks.


Q46.  The number of houses approved for construction under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) crossed which milestone on December 27, 2019?


Q47. Which of the following has launched India’s first long range CNG bus that can travel around 1000 kms in a single fill?


Q48. Niranjan Hiranandani has taken over as the new president of industry body Assocham. He is well-known businessman from which field?


Q49. PM Narendra Modi named the tunnel under Rohtang Pass in J&K after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is the world’s longest tunnel above an altitude of:


Q50. Who won the Men’s title at the World Rapid Chess Championship in Moscow in December 2019?


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