Current Affairs & Latest GK 1 to 15 April 2020 – This Video presents the Latest Current Affairs in MCQ format covering the Current Affairs during 1 to 15 April 2020. Topics covered in this video are related to science and technology, Space research, Awards and honours, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc. The important details of the current affairs are also discussed in the video so that all possible questions can be prepared.


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Current Affairs covered in this Video- A Few Questions:

Q1. The HRD ministry on April 1, 2020 directed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to promote all students of classes ___ to the next class.



Q2. Civil Aviation Ministry launched ____ initiative for transporting essential medical supplies across the country amid coronavirus lockdown.


Q3. Which of the following launched a global painting competition entitled “United against CORONA- Express through Art” in March 2020?


Q4. An Indian Air Force (IAF) delivered essential medicines and hospital consumables to Maldives in April 2020 under:


Q5. The World Bank on April 2, 2020 approved ___ emergency financing for India to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.


Q6. Which portal was launched by the Ministry of Tourism on March 31, 2020 for foreigners unable to leave India because of lockdown?


Q7. The UN Security Council (UNSC) on March 30, 2020 unanimously adopted Resolution 2518 to ensure the safety and security of_____.


Q8. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman participated in the Extraordinary ___ Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (FMCBG) meeting through video conferencing on March 30, 2020.


Q9. Which of the following is the low-cost, portable, emergency-use ventilator developed by Aerobiosys Innovations at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad?


Q10. The Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra has developed a full-body disinfection chamber called:


Q11. DRDO’s ___ Ballistics Research Laboratory, Chandigarh co-developed face protection mask for healthcare professionals handling COVID-19 patients.


Q12. Naval Dockyard, ____, has designed and developed its own handheld InfraRed (IR) based temperature sensor for screening for coronavirus at its entry gates.


Q13. The Indian Railways has developed a low-cost ventilator named ‘Jeevan’ at:


Q14. Which state’s Chief Minister won PETA India’s ‘Hero to Animals Award’ for allocating funds to feed stray animals during the lockdown over the novel coronavirus pandemic?


Q15. What is the rate of interest for Sukanya SamriddhiAccount Scheme for April-June 2020?


Q16. Which bank has been authorised to collect donations for the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund)?


Q17. Which mobile app was launched by the government on April 2, 2020 to help citizens assess their risk of contracting the coronavirus?


Q18. What is the government’s Twitter account on corona launched recently?


Q19. Central government on April 1, 2020 laid down rules for domicile in J&K. Anyone who has studied for __ years and appeared in Class 10 and Class 12 examinations in an educational institution located in the Union Territory is a domicile.


Q20. Naval personnel in ____ have developed Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold (MOM) that would help meet any emergency requirement of oxygen supply to coronavirus patients.


Q21. Odisha Foundation Day (Utkal Divas) was observed on April 1, 2020. The state was founded in:


Q22. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on March 30, 2020 announced that the holding of Tokyo Olympics in ____ 2021.


Q23. Members of Parliament including Union Ministers will get ____ less salary, allowances and pension for a year from April 1.


Q24. The President, the Vice President, the Governors of the States have voluntarily decided to take a pay cut of ____ for one year from April 1.


Q25. The government announced the temporary suspension of allocation of funds under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) for _____ from April 1, 2020.


Q26. PPE provided to medical staff treating coronavirus patients is _______ Protective Equipment.


Q27. Private labs are allowed to charge ____ for screening and confirmation tests for COVID-19.


Q28. The Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) on April 8, 2020 launched ‘____Government Online Training Portal’ for capacity building of frontline workers to combat the coronavirus outbreak.


Q29. The HRD Ministry on April 12, 2020 launched a portal called YUKTI to monitor and record initiatives in the education sector, especially related to COVID-19. YUKTI is Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, ____ and Innovation.


Q30. The HRD Ministry launched the ____ campaign for crowdsourcing of ideas for improving online education ecosystem of India. The campaign will continue till April 16.


Q31. Which mobile app has been upgraded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to enable reporting of coronavirus cases?


Q32. An ICMR study has found that a COVID-19 patient can infect ___ people in 30 days if preventive measures such as lockdown and social distancing are not implemented, the Union health ministry said on April 7, 2020.


Q33. Which of the following released its ‘South Asia Economic Focus’ report on April 12, 2020?


Q34. Which former RBI Governor has been included in her external advisory group on coronavirus pandemic by IMF MD Kristalina Georgieva in April 2020?


Q35. According to the government, India accounts for ____ of annual global production of Hydroxychloroquine which is recommended in treatment of coronavirus.


Q36. The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is based at ________


Q37. According to ILO’s ‘COVID-19 and the world of work’ report released in April 2020, around ___ Indians are at a risk of slipping into poverty due to a “stringent” nationwide lockdown implemented to control coronavirus


Q38. Which of the following launched COVID-19 Government Response Stringency Index to estimate the impact of lockdown measures in countries across the world?


Q39. The G20 Extraordinary ___ Ministers’ virtual Meeting was held on April 10, 2020.


Q40. Who among the following is the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)?


Q41. Which Tropical Cyclone hit the South Pacific island nation Vanuatu in April 2020?


Q42. The Anak Krakatau volcano erupted in which country in April 2020?


Q43. Which country was the world leader in international patent filings in 2019, according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)?


Q44. “AyuDevice”, a start-up incubated at ___. has developed a “digital stethoscope”.


Q45. Scientists at SreeChitra TirunalInstitute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum, Kerala, have designed the Chitra ____ Gateway to help in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.


Q46. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune launched Oxygen ______ Unit to help in the mitigation of the coronavirus outbreak.


Q47. A three-man crew docked successfully at the International Space Station on April 9, 2020. Which space capsule carried them?


Q48. Who among the following is the Chairman of Banks Board Bureau (BBB)?


Q49. Which of the following has recommended phase-wise lifting of the lockdown in its report titled ‘Exit from the Lockdown’ in April?


Q50. Which of the following has won the Edison Award for social innovation?


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