CBSE Class X Board Exams are set to make a comeback ?

In a major u-turn from its previous strand, CBSE may soon re-introduce the currently-defunct Class X board exams. The final decision on the matter will be made only after taking into account what different state governments have to say on the issue.

The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABSE) is strongly in favor of making substantial changes to the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) scheme, including the revival of the Class X board exams. The committee held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the new education policy.

The committee also discussed the “no detention policy” in schools at length and pitched its voice in favor of scrapping this policy because they believe it affects the learning outcomes of young students in an adverse way. The committee’s view on the matter echoes the concerns expressed by many state governments previously.


The CABE committee also deliberated extensively on the extension of the Right to Education (RTE) Act to pre-school and secondary education.

However, Smirti Irani, HRD Minister in Government of India, who chaired the CABE meeting, said on a cautious note that the government will act upon the recommendations given by the committee only after taking a “comprehensive view” and discussing the matters with concerned state governments.  

“All the state Education ministers unanimously appealed to revoke it (the policy). But all should give us in writing within 15 days to a month," she said. The minister also said that any abrupt or decision or speculation at this juncture could lead to confusion among many students.

Irani responded in affirmative when asked whether or not the Class X board exams will be brought back if the no detention policy is scrapped. “This is a part of the whole approach. One can’t have a piecemeal approach. One has to have a holistic approach," she said.