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Govt planning to reintroduce class 10 Board exams in CBSE schools

Proposal for reintroduction of Class 10 Board examination in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools is being considered by the Human Resource and Development (HRD) Ministry after the Union HRD minister Smriti Irani spoke to some students on this issue at the International Students Day meeting.

The decision has been influenced by the suggestion of the students to bring back the board exam system which had been made optional by Kapil Sibal, former Education Minister, in 2011.

The action on the proposal is likely to be taken in the next Central Advisory Board of Education meeting. The meeting is expected to take place after a month or two. Amongst education policies this will be the second major decision taken by the HRD Minister, if implemented. Earlier, the minister asked Kendriya Vidyalayas to introduce Sankrit as the third language instead of German.

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CBSEs evaluation system rebuffed by students

Abolition of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)/grading system, introduced by CBSE in 2009, was pointed out by the students as they feel that the new system is more stressful, encourages copy-paste and laid back attitude.

Class 10 board exams – Do you want them Back – Please use the comments section to leave your views

As per the students, Board exams were like the final judgment point for which they had put in genuine efforts and looked forward to the results. But now it is like any class test and not taken seriously. Students are also of the opinion that it is ‘unfair‘ to put both bright and average students within the range of 10 per cent in grades.

Students have also asked for the text books of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to be revised as per the syllabus of national-level entrance examinations.

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77 Responses to “Govt planning to reintroduce class 10 Board exams in CBSE schools”

  1. Rupal says:

    The CCE system is better than boards. In this fast-paced life, children today, already have so many things on their mind, that it seems cruel to stress them even more by re-introducing boards in 10th class. Boards focus only on textbook learning while the CCE, focuses on wholesome development of A CHILD’S PERSONALITY. So in my opinion, boards should not be re-introduced in 10th class.

  2. Anurag Chopra says:

    @Rupal I agree with you. Grading System is much better compared to the Board exam on Marking

  3. vinod pillai says:

    I suggest the reintroduction of board exams. Many schos now force the children to.opt for the school exam even if the student prefers to appear for board. More over putting the students in the grade where the student who gets 91 percentage and 99 percentage has no difference. For the transferable jobsi it iv very difficilt to get admission if the student are not appearing for boards. There are some cases if partiality by teachers while awarding.marks to the students.while considering these facts it is better to.bring back board exams.now a days the students have no seriousness in the 10th stad exams.

  4. chitra says:

    I totally second the grading system. And one more thing the articles in the site are lacking there previous quality. Why is it so ..articles like the mahatma Gandhi university not recognizing it’s own degree were top class.it’s still in my mind

  5. mittali says:

    yes it will be good to re-introduce board exam because it makes the student habitual towards the board exams and do a hard work.as I saw that in grading system student took exams lightly. school will support them to get a good marks

  6. Alok Gupta says:

    I believe the current system is encouraging more copy paste type of printed knowledge and not anything concrete. The children have become laid back and are not serious in their efforts. There needs to be a much better evaluation to enable children understand their true standing rather than clubbing children together.

  7. Mirhilesh says:

    Grading system does not provide the exact percentage of achievement ,a student need to know wher deoes he/she stand and where need to be takem care as per his/her expections in the competative education.

  8. Harshala Babar says:

    I agree with Rupal, CCE pattern is good for the children for their overall performance throughout year and in the process they learn practical knowledge as well as theoreey learn practical knowledge as well as theoretical….its necessary for their personality development and it happens in the right age.

  9. Rohit says:

    Yes… Class 10th boards should come back.. CCE is worst ever… Even who do not pass in written then also CCE pass them in 10th…. So 10th Boards are must!!!

  10. Aditya says:

    I think CCE or grade system is more helpful than board exam. In board exam students take more stress and because of this some students take wrong decision such as suicide attempt . So I think grading system is more suitable than board based exam. Also , if it is started it should be in the academic year 2016-17.

  11. Aditya says:

    I think grading system is better than board based pattern

  12. Kuldeep Singh says:

    I think grading system is better if the government planning board system in necessary this system is adopted from next session

  13. akash kumar says:

    No, i am not agreed with board grading marks according to me CCE is better and best forever .

  14. swati sharma says:

    i think cce system is much better as it leads to personality development……. board exams are like pressure to all . CCE puts encouragement in students to develop themselves equally. but whatever may be the decision of government they should take it at a proper time without effecting the present 10 students..

  15. aditi says:

    i want the re introduction of board exam as in cce pattern both bright and average students are taken under the same grade.Which is not fair.

  16. Rajendra Ku. Sahu says:

    Now the education has not remained as education it has become a drama like. It is so because there is no fear of fail in any class even in tenth too. Students are tensionfree. They do not care for a bit of their study because they are fully concious that noone will fail them. It is compulsory to promote students upto 10th as per education to all upto age 14. Students are awarded marks in their other skills and then upgraded and made them equel to good students.Also the grading system really surprising because there is no difference between 91% and 99%. It not so good. The board system of 5th, 8th and 10th should be brought then only the detoriating condition of students will be improved.I don’t opine that activity and practical based learning is wrong. It should be but marking and board system is most essential to maintain quality education so it should be reintroduced with some amendment.
    If presently we see all parents,gurdians, teachers, experts,educationist, political leaders, and others are worry about it but not ready to amend it,not ready to raise voice againstit. None of us knows what will be the conditon of chiidren after 10th.
    I think they will only possesse grade and certifecate not the quality they will need for their life.

  17. Rajendra Ku. Sahu says:

    Along with CCE system there must be board system in 5th, 8th and 10th.

  18. Narendran says:

    Why 2 ways of exam? Some school students appear for Board Exam and KV schools students appear for internal exam. Exam Papers and correction pattern also different. There should be only one type of exam. Grading system is one of the worst way to analyse the capability of a student. Students are taking serious about scoring full %. They satisfying with 92%. Unless competition doesn’t exist, students will not be serious on studies.

  19. Anita Govilkar says:

    I am Anita Govilkar online (teaching to USA students) as well as offline teacher. I think class 10th board exam should come back because of following points.
    1) students have to learn the whole book and remember it for the final exam that increases the students memory.
    2) Because of studying full course 11th,12th and further studies will be more easier.
    3) The students do not have to face the partiality of the school teachers.
    4) The students have to perform the whole year which is very stressful.
    5) Students are busy in completing their book which is a copy-paste job and I think its a waste of time.
    6) The students can easily face the 12th board without any tension as they have already given the board exam.
    7) If some students are giving CCE and some are giving board exam which is not correct.
    8) The environment during the board exam is the actual exam environment.
    My only suggestion is subject like social studies, they have to include only the selected chapters not the full course. As this subject is boring, stressful and unimportant.

  20. Amit Agrawal says:

    i want the system cce should be completely stop.this is not good for the future of student.

  21. Amit Agrawal says:

    in system of cce students are suffering too much they are exploiting by their school teachers as internal marks are in the hand of school teachers.school teachers are fully taking advantages of this system in only studenst are suffering so this is my requestto reintroduce the cbse 10 board exam .

  22. Amit Agrawal says:

    in system of cce students are suffering too much they are exploiting by their school teachers as internal marks are in the hand of school teachers.school teachers are fully taking advantages of this system in only studenst are suffering so this is my request to reintroduce the cbse 10 board exam .

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yes we need board

  24. harshita damani says:

    I think CCE system is better. I request the government not to remove the CCE system.

  25. Sheenam Midha says:

    I think that CCE is better than annual system…..of CBSE because CCE stress on students full development.

  26. Sheenam Midha says:

    CCE is best forever…for me.

  27. amtend kumar says:

    Cce system is better than this board system…

  28. BAIBHAV kr verma says:

    Board system is a burden as it will give full syllabus on finals the total book which is not FAIR as cce pattern students got half syllabus not of halfyearly board system is NOT FAIR

  29. Rana Dutta says:

    Both the system are better and have their advantages and disadvantages as well.

    But, at the same time we cannot deprive the meritorious and deserving students who will go for higher studies in the science field. We have to produce excellent science graduates who will work for the betterment of the country. If we just place them with ordinary students, then we are depriving them. It should be up to the students, whether they will appear boards or not. But, it should be made compulsary for those students who are going to IIT’S , NIT’S, MBBS, graduate honours courses etc.

    It is absolutely not acceptable, if we place an excellent student who has the intention to study and do something good for the society with an ordinary student who has absolutely no intention to study.

    I am a teacher myself. Believe me, Mr. Sibal has broken the back bone of our education system by changing the previous system. Rather, he should have modified the system for those students who have no intention to study but still needs a degree.

  30. manas says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    As from the point of view of class 10 student. I prefer CCE as we hv already registerd for boards.
    .nd we are preparing according to cce patter since class 9th..changing d pattern will make us cnfused about wht to do

  32. meemansa says:

    Boards should be reintroduced…..

  33. amrita says:

    I truely think that this CCE system is useless.i mean previous one was much better than this.this system is stressful and it reduces interest in studies too.

  34. amrita says:

    from just one mark when a grade comes down or cgpa is missed it is painful.it is just meaningless and hence cce must be abolished

  35. pranav says:

    Board should come back instead of cce

  36. Sarema Pillai says:

    I think CCE system of grading a student is one of the best if done in the right manner. Each & every child feels confident, important & contented as he/she is appreciated for all the different aspects that he/ she possesses. As far as a child is concerned it is worth to have CCE in schools. The only negative side of it is a lot of extra work for the teachers. So CBSE must give a very well defined information to all CBSE schools regarding the documents that the teachers must keep with them. Some schools are overdoing it.

  37. Anshuman says:

    In my opinion CCE should be removed because it though does over all development but since everyone doesn’t have all qualities so encouraging all in one is not apprppriate .Instead if Board Exam comes back those who are good in studies can be differentiated. Other ones can find their own field and master in it.
    CCE continuosly exhausts the student and despite studying he becomes busy in projects and all which lead to failure in XI and XII.Thus good ones also get deprived and thus to make India multitalented CCE abolition is necessary.It not only give burden to student but teachers too so they too are against it.

  38. Abhijeet says:

    I think board exam are better because board provide impartial and exact percentage and the marks in board are better because all marks are in our hand…… No PSA no FAs and no project assignment it reduce the capacity to to study which causes rapid decrease in marks in 11 and 12 because of no practice of heavy burden and long syllabus…

  39. shubh says:

    I think CCE system is the best .I request the govt. Plz dont remove CCE system

  40. ekta says:

    I think cce system is better then board exam as it gives overall development of the child.

  41. Vijay Handa says:

    Yes, in 10th std. CBSE Annual Board exam system should be introduced in 2015-16.
    The CCE system is strongly critisized by the parents as well as the students.
    Instead of 10 marks weight age questions, there should be 5-5 marks questions for Novel as well as short stories description.

  42. sumita says:

    for 9 and 10 classes cce system must be removed. teachers are more interested in giving tutions instead of classroom teaching and give undue marks to selected students only.there is absence of seriousness for studies and it encourages indiscipline

  43. raj seth says:

    yes we do need stop this copy pasting system in order to let the future generation focus on their goals,Rather on certain stupid activities. Students have made new full forms of cce,such as chalo chalo eleventh.so we need to stop this non-sense and we should introduce some sports n I.T skills

  44. Kalash Mishra says:

    now students are not focus on their goals and do not do much efforts to achieve their goals . i am a 10th class student and i personally want board rather than cce

  45. usha says:

    Yes pls withdraw the CCE pattern ad early as possible. It is highly difficult to maintain A1 and A2 throughout the whole academic year. Pls reintroduce the old pattern where only annual exams are counted. Academic year already started. We request the concerned to make necessary amendments at the earliest. CCE pattern is not only a stress to students but also to the parents. Pls do the actions immediately.

  46. Shilpi Garg says:

    Yes this system should be changed as in the internal exams results are biased as the teacher tends to be more lenient with their favourite students.

  47. naina says:

    yes we want the class 10 board exams back
    this cce system is very stressful .students can’t focus on their studies .All they have to do is various activities
    are not so beneficial in expanding their knowledge.the earlier system of class 10 boards was very good as it encouraged the students to focus more on expanding their knowledge and learning rather than just focusing on the useless activities. Please implement the earlier system of boards as soon as possible

  48. Akshit Tyagi says:

    there should be no option for home boards.EXTERNAL BOARDS should be the only option for the students.

    we want the class 10 board exams back.

  49. Amit Kumar says:

    Its my humble request to CBSE that cce system should not be removed for the last batch of class 10
    because we have appeared for cce scheme in class 9…….
    If u are removing the cce scheme for us this year then it will be a type of discrimination with us……And since i have joined the cbse school when cce scheme was there……before that I was in an ICSE school….so i didnt have any idea…..
    After this year you could remove since u have started NCERT books for all classes…so they won’t be having any problem

    Education minister -Smriti Irani
    I will be thankful to you if you will listen to my request for not removing CCE scheme for the year 2015-16
    and exceeding CCE for 1 year…..

  50. koyel maji says:

    we want board back.

  51. akhilendra pratap singh says:

    No cce is not removed for the last batch of class 10, if they want to remove they should to implement another rule.It must introduced in
    the starting of batch.But it is too… late.

  52. arpit says:

    No I dont want cce pattern back because childeren having optional choice that the want board or non board if some students are weak in studies and if they can’t get good marks in the board exams they will not get good college in future so plzz no need to remove cce

  53. neha says:

    nooo plzzz i am a class 10th student we jhad been studying by the pattern of cce but introducing this new change will affect us and we will face a lot of problems soo plz have it from the next session

  54. Aayush Kumar Pandey says:

    do what ever you like bt plz inform students at least a year prior…………..kind request

    Class 10th student(2015-16)

  55. Hitendra Singh Bhati Urjanot says:

    yes, board conducted exam for class 10 should be made mandatory………..because when the students enter class 11 after passing class 10……they feel that the situations are completely changed……and they start feeling the burden of the huge syllabus of the varied streams…….as the subjects are now broadened………and also till class 10 they were used to MCQ’s ,cut paste activities and very less of learning and hard working

  56. Samar Singh Nain says:

    I am a student of class X and i certainly want that boards should happen because CCE system has made things a lot complicated . The children always try mug up things than learning . They have a habit of mugging up a portion for a small period of time than after exams forgetting them . The are actually not studying or learning but actually mugging . Instead activities there should be marks for sports .

  57. Nandita says:

    I am in class 9 and I seriously do want the board exams to be back. Cause studying for a really important exam throughout the year will not only improve the concepts but rather, the students will not stress out so much in class 11 as they have their concepts already well ingrained. I am not saying that activities are not good but my point is that they utilize a lot of time and usually in some cases, the group leaders only do the work and the others just pay no attention to it. So, activities that are individual are much better. Also, a lot of money is wasted for printing, buying chart papers and all. Most people don’t actually spend the time drawing perfect diagrams and coloring them. So, introducing the boards once more will actually make students do some work as they know that this one important exam is going to play a very crucial role in choosing their careers. It will make students lives easy and more organised. They will get time to prepare and thus utilize their time doing something reasonable.

  58. Rakhi Mittal says:

    yes boards must come back as students are given lot of projects and all their study time as well as games times both are finished and instead of easy and good education they are burdened by teachers and file work

  59. Simmi Singh says:

    First of all I tend to say that there should be CCE Patern in Class 10, as they are not burdened with studies….
    Secondly, yes I agree with the point that this also gives relief to the students for hardworking and they face problems in Class 11…

    By this my conclusion is your opinion….we’ll manage with your decision may be whatever it is..!!

  60. Samarth Shukla says:

    Yes I want class 10 board

  61. BHANUMATHI says:

    Please remove CCE and introduce board exams. CCE cause lot of stress

  62. Abdul Kalam says:

    It iz best to remove cce in next session i am in 9th class student and i m waiting for the new …pattern

  63. HARSHROXX says:

    I think that cce pattern is totally useless and rubbish.I prefer the board exams to be introduved in class 10 on the basis of a new pattern.CCE pattern is useless because the students uptill class 10 enjoy but in class 11 even students getting 10 cgpa fail!!

  64. Shruti Pandey says:

    I humbly request to plzz reintroduce boards…i am a std. 9 student and till std 8 i have been studying in icse board..i am really not satisfied with this cce scheme…the teachers are too much partial in giving marks in various activities..preference is not given on the basis of capability but to their favourite ones..its really too much injustice to really deserving ones..plzz do it in this session of 2016-17…plzz..

  65. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t re – introduce board exams back

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. Mohdsameer says:

    I am mohdsameer class x student of session 16-17 did this year I faced board exam ? or sa1 will add in board

  68. shraddha says:

    i really wish…..that board should come back….nd cce pattern should be thrown out…

  69. Adarsh Azad says:

    the cce pattern is the best because it is the easy one.
    home board also benefits the student but the board depress the childerns. so i want that cce must remain. Cce is the best

  70. shilpi says:

    i think grading system is much more better than the stressful board exam

  71. Shreya Sorcar says:

    I’m a student of class 9 for the batch 2016-17. In my point of view, retaining the CCE pattern is very important. If the CCE pattern is removed, it will be very hectic for us students. Another plus point for having this pattern is that, we students get to express ourselves in every way through projects and assignments. It also reduces pressure due to the semester wise examination. Please bring back the CCE pattern for us student as we will be attending the 10th exams for the next academic year 2017-18, since it assures upgradation and also helps us build our future careers.

  72. surya Kant Dubey says:

    I think cce patern is bases don’t remove this

  73. Shruti kejriwal says:

    I m in class 10 and going to appear in board exam. I agree that cce scheme should be removed because generally none of the students study. If u are removing cce scheme this year it will be injustice with us. Suddenly at the moment u can’t do this. Also we don’t have that much time that we can study the whole syllabus bcoz we were told to study the term 2 syllabus. So it will create problem for us which will be not fair . If u are likely to remove this you should have done this earlier in the beginning of our session but you are changing it in between and we have given the cce exams in class 10.
    Requesting you
    Education minister- Smriti Irani
    To listen my request for not removing the cce scheme for this year 2016-2017 batch. Becoz it will be too late… And we will face problem so do it from next year for the 2017-2018 batch.
    Plzzz think over it…. It’s a humble request… I will be waiting for your decision.

  74. Shruti kejriwal says:

    Sorry. Its for the present education minister- Mr.Prakash javadekar… Plzz sir think over it. It’s a humble request.

  75. Aman says:

    CCE is the worst system…it should be closed…this effects in class 11 and 12…they clear 10 board exams but unable to qualify class 12 exams….

  76. Aditya says:

    It is good that CBSE is returning. The potential and hardwork of students will now be seen clearly. Activities are a waste of time. CCE is making grade expectations very high. Earlier 85% and above scoring students were known genuis. And 10 CGPA is not 100%. The students have time to study but are involved in playing games and watching videos. If a normal studying student goes for tuitions then also he/she gets time. So I fully recommend CBSE to come and continue.

  77. golu says:

    cbse bord is best choice

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