Why Should Students Read Newspapers ?

Why Should Students Read Newspapers, Reading newspapers provides wide ranging benefits for everyone in general but especially for the students they remain the most invaluable source of news and information, despite the onslaught of the electronic media.

  • First and foremost all the students do not have an access to personal computers and the internet, but the newspapers reach everyone.
  • Lots of information encompassing current affairs, politics, science and technology, education, health, medicine, sports, industry and the markets can be received anywhere at any time of the day through newspapers.
  • Important data, timetables, advertisements, courses and career options for various categories of students appear in newspapers.
  • Reading newspapers automatically improves one’s language skills. News items and articles are written by learned and intelligent people. They know how to use language as an efficient tool for expression and communication. Precision and meticulous use of words and expressions comes naturally to them. One can imbibe these qualities easily by paying attention to language and style while going through news items and articles in a newspaper.
  • One can sharpen one’s communication skills, i.e. reading and writing. By reading newspapers regularly at an appointed time reading and comprehension abilities get enhanced. The more one reads, new words and expressions reveal their meaning to the reader’s mind. Automatically the vocabulary gets enriched and the language becomes richer, fluent and more expressive.
  • Newspapers are a treasure trove of information for students preparing for competitions and contests. Knowledge coupled with good expression sets the stage for success in any examination.

What to avoid:-

It is an art to source useful information from newspapers as all the information may not be use to a particular reader.

  • Students are short of time and should therefore avoid gossip columns and crime news which is of no immediate concern to them.
  • Avoid going through unnecessary advertisements.
  • Avoid even political news of little national importance and which can mislead the youth.
  • Ignore news about superstitions and magic formulas promising success without hard work.
How to get the best out of newspapers?
  • A quick and careful scan of the newspaper gives a clear idea of what to read and what to ignore.
  • One should also quickly identify the items/articles of utmost importance. They can be read carefully while the other contents can wait to be read if the time permits.
  • It is a good idea to keep a pen and scissors handy. One should clearly mark and underline anything of interest so that it can be read later with greater focus and attention.
  • Scissors can be used to cut out the clippings of importance which can be stored in a file. Many a time vital information is lost because a cutting was not obtained immediately.
  • Mark new words and expressions which are used frequently. One should not shy away from using a dictionary if the meaning of any particular word is not clear to one’s mind.
  • The articles on the editorial page are highly recommended and one must make a habit of reading these carefully for the content and the style.

To sum up reading newspapers regularly is an extremely gainful activity for the students. It a treasure trove that renews its wealth everyday before it is on our doorsteps.

Ranjna Vedhera

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