Top websites for Biotechnology jobs in India

The word Biotechnology suggests that this branch of science is precipitous in biology but this is not the case. Apart from biology, this branch of science also assimilates diverse subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. Furthermore, engineering applications are also an integral constituent of biotechnology.

Biotechnology absorbs in itself a number of disciplines and so it is the interdisciplinary in nature which makes the prospect of working in this field brighter. Further, there is a great demand for biotechnical experts in countless industries and sectors. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environment Conservation, Genetic Engineering, Health Care, Medicine, Industrial Research and Development, etc. are some of the fields where there is requirement of biotechnological techniques.

Recruitments Opportunities for Biotechnology students

In India, most recruiters include industries engaged in processing and developing agricultural and biological products, bio-processing industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries at the moment. There are ample opportunities in industries producing healthcare products, textile industry, cosmetics and organizations engaged in different types of industrial research and development.

These days a growing number of qualified biotechnical professionals are engaged by different industries for environment protection activities and for the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Some of the websites for Biotechnology jobs in India

Listed below are some of the top websites which list jobs for the Biotechnology candidates:

Department of Biotechnology- Ministry of Science and Technology

  • The department of Biotechnology lists down the number of job openings in its department on its website. The department is involved with the scientific community of the country through a number of technical task forces, advisory committees and individual experts in identification, formulation, implementation and monitoring of various programmes and activities.

  • IndiaBioscience is a non-profit science outreach initiative created to establishing a strong hold for scientific research on the global scene – this includes recruitment, networking, collaborations, research oriented education and science communication.

  • IndiaBiotech is website that lists down the opportunities for all aspiring to be a part of this field and as well as job opportunities for those who would want to pursue their career in this field.

  • Biotecnika is a website with experts from India who have decided to take Biotech education online. The website not only runs a magazine along with keeping update on the academic field but also list job openings in the field.