Technical Writing a lucrative career option

technical writing

Writing is an art which does not require a specific field. It is one such skill which is nurtured with one’s thought process and what they learn from in and around their environment. Many a times, students after their graduation or post-graduation realize their flair of writing.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writers often are candidates from their field of study and continue to write in streams of their fields and write in information related to technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology.

Similar is the case of science graduates who later on discover this inclination towards writing and result in pursing the career. Although one must note that Technical Writers need to have an eye for detail along with good writing skill, the latter of which is a must.

What is that Technical Writers do?

A technical writer will write reports most technically oriented professional / expert/specialist do as part of their routine and daily job. Their writing will often include ‘how to use’ manuals, project reports, online help files, instruction and installation guides, make graphical presentations and brochures for products of various industries like IT, consumer products, medical , journals etc.

So if a technical writer, who is a science graduate and had been working as doctor then his technical writing would include things related to medicine or his specialization and designing information for common people.

Mostly it is the job of the technical writer to help the user to understand a product and how to use it. For that, one should know the product and understand its technology well although he or she is not an expert in that. A technical writer has to develop an expertise in a particular technical area for which one is working for, and whatever he writes or says about the field, is termed as technical communication.

A must have skill

It goes without saying that the technical writer needs to possess good command over English or the language he would be writing in. He/ She must be able to present the information in neat, comprehensible and an easily understandable manner.

Crash Course

If you are interested in technical writing, enroll in a technical writing program. A program in technical writing will give you skills in using technical writing tools and getting familiar with technical communication.

Due to the nature of the job, you will find most places offering an online crash course in Technical Writing. The programs are designed on producing competent technical communicators who would prove to be proactive and responsible for working in every level of profession. Also aims at developing creativity, eye for detail and time and process discipline among the students as per the need of the industry.

Career Opportunities

On completing courses for Technical Writing, one has many options; Technical Writer, Online Technical Writer, Technical Web Writer, Usability Tester, Information Mapping Designer, Information Designer, etc.
A technical writer can find work in various firms such as advertising agencies, IT companies, Newspapers magazines, etc


Technical Writers are well paid and is a lucrative career option. You will be paid depending on the type of field you are working and writing for, at the end of the day. A Senior Technical write stands to earn somewhere around Rs 657,386 per year (average).