What can we learn from the Politicians ?


Success Lessons from Politicians !

The title may elicit an exclamation from some of you “what is there to learn” as most of the society seems to be disillusioned form the politicians because of the governance and the corruption issues, but let us stop and think as to what our chosen representatives may be doing right and can we learn something from them.

Here are a few of the typical character traits which we can definitely imbibe:-

Persistence and Perseverance

 Politicians never give up, no matter how much down the ladder they may appear to be. They have the uncanny ability and knack to resurrect themselves and bounce back.

 It is worth analyzing this trait as it is not a small thing to brave all the odds when one is down in life and work/struggle/fight one’s way back to the top again. This needs tremendous faith and courage and a never-say-die-spirit

If we patiently work towards achieving our goals and persist despite some adverse situations, our chances of success increase manifolds.

2. Focus

Politicians are very much focused and never have any confusion, as far winning the elections and retaining their chairs is concerned.

We must also never lose sight of our objectives and goals, which need to be pursued with a single minded devotion. Most of time we lose sight of the ‘forest’ and concentrate on the ‘trees’ alone, which distracts us from the larger picture.

3. Communication ability and Charisma

All the politicians are excellent communicators and tireless orators. They are able to expound on almost all the topics with passion and fervor. This ability to appeal and get across to others is an exceptional talent, which should be appreciated. Everyone can improve one’s communication ability through hard work and practice.

Politicians’ Charisma is based on their ability to instantly connect with total strangers. They make everyone feel loved and wanted by maintaining a clear eye contact and firm hand shake and even by hugging total strangers.

Normally a person is shy or reticent and cannot get across to others in a short span of time. It needs to be understood that others will get attracted towards us only if they get due attention and feel that we are genuinely interested in issues which concern them.

4. Ability to face criticism

It is normally said that politicians have a very ‘thick’ skin and never have heart attacks. Actually they are used to divergent views, criticism and even humiliation at times and have to learn to live with all that. Even when attacked from all sides, seasoned politicians do not lose their cool, bide time to let the storm blow over and again set about their task with single minded focus.

Being overly sensitive to remarks/comments and criticism of others in not a good trait and one has to learn to rise above that, if one wants to pursue the journey without getting derailed.

5. Hard Work

Politicians can work long hours, travel extensively and attend marathon meetings. All these things they do almost on a regular basis, besides meeting scores of people and listening to them. These are facts and need to be well understood.

Traveling in heat and dust, meeting members of the public and attending sessions of the assembly need lot of stamina. The seemingly overweight and ageing politicians have an abundant mental stamina, even if they are not physically fit. The younger ones diligently work on their fitness and stay in top shape.

The idea is to understand that there is no substitute to hard work and long hours, no matter what the profession is.

Persistence, focus, good communication, ability to take criticism constructively and work hard with passion are the qualities we need to learn for successful forays in any professional field of work.

Arun Vedhera

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