Indian Languages Career Scope, Eligibility and Job Prospects

Duration:3 years, Eligibility: 10+2, some college have entrance exam

Job Profiles: Writer, Translator, Teacher

One of the most misunderstood degree programmes, languages still remain the least popular choice. But with increasing usage of vernacular languages in media, entertainment and even commerce, the potential for a good career exists if you equip yourself with language skills

Course overview: Apart from learning the language you will study literature and masterpieces in the chosen language to strengthen your base and understanding of the language. You would need to study the history of the language as well as understand the changes in the application of the language, over the years

Job opportunities: Translation, Journalism and teaching are some fields, which recruit professionals with a language skill. From a copy writer to editor, good language skills are most essential for success. Advertising is another field that increasingly looks at language experts. Copywriting in Indian languages is a very lucrative option. Yet another niche job, is act as micro finance, would give you a head start as a loan officer for the innumerable firms that are entering this field. Nachiket Mor, President of ICICI Foundation predicts that nearly a million jobs would be available in the coming decade in this domain. The pay is largely dependent on your area of work, initial range for fresh graduates would be between Rs 5,000/- to Rs 15,000/-