How to be employable ?

Do you have the qualities that Employers like to see in their team members. Check out this post to see if you are employable

If you are a fresher and looking for your first job then besides your technical qualification and eligibility, you need to learn a lot of things to increase your employability.
You should have something extra in you which make you to stand differently from others. There are some skills and qualities that you are supposed to have if you really want to increase your employability.


This is the most important skill that every company wants in their employees. This is the skill that is very difficult to taught or trained so company always focus on positive attitude people during interviews.

It matters a lot that how you perceive things, incidents or events and how you behave in these situations.All other skills and qualities can be learnt and taught but your attitude can only be changed by you, so it is very important to have positive attitude towards your work, colleagues and team .Attitude depend on so many things like your background, atmosphere, people around you and your knowledge and information about world.

If you really want to change your negative attitude into positive then be in company of good people, read inspiring and motivational books, gather as much knowledge about your surrounding,open to new ideas and listen to other before being judgmental.

Technical & IT Skills

You surely will need technical skills for being a good employee, but your academic knowledge alone is not enough in this competitive environment.You have to update yourself with latest trends in technology. For example, now a days a lot of IT companies are working on smart phone apps and they are based on various platform like Windows, Andriod, IOS, Sailfish,Symbian,Tizen etc. You should be aware of these things and if possible then have some hand on experience on them. Same is true for other stream of engineering like mechanical, electrical, Civil. You should be aware of different software used in industry for their regular day to day work like Autocad,Unigraphics, Solidwroks,Catia,ProE, Ansys,Matlab etc.You should also focus on basic computer and IT skills like MS office which is the requirement of almost every industry.

Team Work

This is again an important trait for being a good employee. However good you are in your technical or other skills, you cannot work in isolation and no job profile will allow you to do so.You have to be always a part of team and you need to understand the working of a team. When you work alone then your efficiency may be 100 percent but in a team you need to manage other people and their potential .This is the most difficult task when it comes to execution of plan or project while working in a team. You should gain some experience of working in a team not necessarily on some project but in organizing some function, festivals and events in your colleges itself. If you can get a chance to work in an professional environment then it is also a best opportunity for you. Companies always prefer candidate who are having some exposure of working in a team or professional environment.


As everyone knows that we need good communication skill for getting a good job, but only your spoken skill in English does not guaranty you a job. This is the biggest misconception that if you can speak English fluently then you are having good communication skills. Since communication is a two way process and you need to have a good listening skills too. You are a good communicator if you can put across your point of view clearly and listen to other well.

One of the biggest hurdle in offices is miscommunications by employee and because of that things don’t move with its pace and way it should be. So a good communicator is always in demand as far as employment is concerned See Article >> Art of Communication

Hunger for learning

Every company wants creative and enthusiastic employee who are ready to learn new things quickly. If you are a fresher then it is most expected from you, since almost 80% of the things you need to learn from scratch.You should always be ready to learn new things. All companies try to find out this skill during interviews that how is your attitude towards learning and how good learner you are. If you are having that hunger in your belly then no one can stop you from reaching on top of ladder.Learns some new tools and techniques besides your regular academic books which shows that you are having that hunger for learning new things


This is the trait that most of us avoid knowingly or unknowingly. As a fresher you are not much responsible for others but you are responsible for the task given to you. It’s not about only project or work related responsibility, once you are part of the corporate then you are having some corporate responsibilities too. You should be morally responsible for your behavior with your colleagues. Each company used to have some policy for their employees and you are supposed to respect it.

So be responsible and show that how much compatible you are with company policies

Work on above things and see the results during your first job. Best of luck

– By M. K. Sharma