Home Science Career Scope, Eligibility and Job Prospects

Duration:3 years, Eligibility: 10+2, some require science background and hold entrance exams, Job Profiles: Nutritionist (Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- for a fresh graduate) Dietician, Food Technologist, Nutrition Consultant, Research Analyst, School Teacher

Home Science has been in existence for many years, an option that most think is only available to women. The curriculum and course is also being altered to keep up with the current scenario. Focus on health and nutrition forms a large chunk of the course. The field of home science has an interdisciplinary nature to it.

Course overview: The course is interdisciplinary in nature, you are required to learn the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as part of the curriculum. A balance between the scientific approach and practicality is provided. Focus on betterment of family and community is part of the course as well. You will learn subjects such as nutrition and dietetics, rural community extension, child development, and interior decoration as part of the course

Job opportunities : The opportunities for employment are growing, you can take up jobs in the production industry, tourism, service industry or healthcare as well. In addition, you can work as a nutrition consultant or a research analyst. Most opportunities lie in the non-governmental organizations for graduates. Teaching is another lucrative option available. A degree also opens up vistas for self-employment like starting their own school, crèche, interior design and fashion boutiques