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We live in an age where competition is extremely high. Our students are under tremendous pressure to perform better than everyone around as it is survival of the fittest. The fact is that people are aware, ready to work hard, and right they are to do so because from the looks of it, if you won’t then someone else will be there to get what you deserve. Although, one should keep in mind that the key to competition is working smart rather than blindly doing what others think is right.

Our topic for discussion today is applying for colleges/ institutes and that too at right time. Choosing a university/ college/ institute is the foremost step you can take towards securing your future. Although the process can be time consuming and exhausting but in times all your time spent worrying will be paid off and paid off well. Keep in mind that apart from knowing what to choose you need to act on time.

I repeat all this may take time but don’t lose your cool and act patiently and wisely and look at the bigger and brighter picture of securing your future. Let’s look at some things you should know while selecting your university/ college:


First and foremost, identify your goals. Everyone is entitled to like and dislike things according to their perspective. Similarly, although many would aim towards being a surgeon but only with the aptitude will make it to the end of their dream. While making this decision make sure you know what you’re motivated from. Academic interests, personal satisfaction, job prospects; to each their own so choose your course according to what suits your need. Along with your aptitude and interest, know that financial resources will also make a huge difference. Although there are plenty of financial aids and scholarships to support the students but knowing about them would be your responsibility.

Once you know this, start looking for a University/ College/ Institute that best serves your course requirements. Although your hard work is what will make a difference in the end but while doing your research make sure you look at the placement records, application procedures, entrance tests they conduct and other things that will influence your admissions. Make a timeline/ flowchart of the step-by-step process of how you would be expected to proceed.

Follow a timeline

Mostly the below mentioned timeline is followed by colleges for the admission process. You can make one similar to it, although you might be expected to tweak it as per the requirements of your college requirements.

For Example

October/ November:

Most of the high ranking institutes will have the requirement of clearing a qualifying entrance exam before taking admission in the institute. There are examinations like AIPMT, IIT-JEE, CET, etc. which have fixed time schedules and most often than not follow a set pattern. You are required to fill and submit forms well in advance to be able to sit for the examination.

February/ March:

This is a time when you will have to give in the best in you and be prepared for a lot of hard work. Mostly by end February and March you will start with your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and High School Certificate (HSC) examinations. Most of the institutes along with the clearing of the entrance exam will have the index to measure your Class XII examinations as well.

Once you are done with your exams, you will have the option of preparing for the entrance exams although mostly the syllabus will be similar to what you have preparing for. Remember at this time you will have some time on your hands so get information on where to get forms from and know about the admission procedure of the institutes you would want to apply for.


Mostly by mid or end of may you will have your Class XII results. Now is the time that maximum colleges will open their admissions and so would be the time to apply for them. Never bank on a single college and so apply to a couple of colleges rather than just one, no matter how confident you are.

For courses such as engineering, medical management and the others universities and colleges follow a centralized admission process. Make sure you are fully aware and understand the centralized admission process and how it fits with the individual schools you would like to attend.


By now you will know the status of your application as the merit list is announced by most colleges. If you have been offered an admission it is time you confirm it and rejoice. In case you have made it more than one college then choose. Make up your mind about the college you would be interested in joining in the most. Confirm the admission as soon as possible.


By now you would be on the verge of joining your college. See if there is a need to apply for an Education Loan. The amount for the Student Loan will depend on the course fees.

We would hope that looking at this timeline will make things simpler for you. Although things will only depend in the end on how hard and smartly you work towards achieving your goals. Be sure to keep all the important dates in mind and not to miss on any important information or requirement of the University/ College/ Institute. They could cost you your admission!

Best of luck!!!